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Movie Review - Sydney White

Monday, October 29, 2007

Movie Review - Sydney White

Rated PG-13 for some language, sexual humor, and partying.

Run Time: 90 minutes.

Starring Amanda Bynes, Sara Paxton, and Matt Long.

Sydney White is an adaptation of the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story. This time, however, Sydney is a college freshman who is determined to join the sorority house her mother belonged to. She soon finds Rachel Witchburn who is the head of the sorority. Rachel boots Sydney out and Sydney takes up residence at the 'vortex.' Ån old run-down building that has 7 'dorky' residents. Together with the 7 dorks, Sydney runs a campaign for student council president against Rachel.

Overall, the story tries to adapt Snow White to the new settings, but unfortunately you'd forget if the movie didn't zap you with some Snow White imagery or reference every 15 minutes or so. Some of the adaptation scores big, like the magic mirror being a computer screen of a poll of who is the hottest on campus. Other little marks and hints like this make it interesting, but ultimately not necessary to call it a snow white adaptation, as the movie could stand on its own without the references.

I think the movie is very charming mostly due to Amanda Bynes who brings a tireless energy and charm to the entire production. It's actually a shame to see such a talented comedic presence not having more of a script to sink into. She does a good job with Sydney White and making the character likable and easy to relate with.

The movie is marketed towards younger females and has a rare independent and strong leading lady that is a great role model for the kids. The film is commendable for keeping this in tact throughout the entire movie. Sydney White succeeds in entertaining while preaching the strong female message not heard too much in mainstream movies.

The show is not for everyone as many will write it off as a 'crappy chick flick.' I was impressed with the amount of genuinely funny bits and did enjoy watching it, even if I didn't really want to see it. The younger ones and many females will enjoy this flick. Guys don't be afraid to go along as it is a nice relaxing flick with a some great moments.

As always, this flick is playing at the local McCook Cinema 3 located in the Westview Plaza. For more showtimes and other information, please check out www.fridleytheatres.com.

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