Injuries keep Trojans’ Soucie from playing

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Bailey Soucie

CAMBRIDGE -- In August 2006, a freshman starting setter for the Cambridge high school varsity volleyball team went down with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in her knee during the first day of two-a-day practices.

Bailey Soucie was out for the rest of the volleyball season before the season even got started.

After surgery, Soucie went to physical therapy and will be back in action in time for the basketball season.

Soucie played club volleyball last spring and was set to play the upcoming volleyball season, but in a heart-wrenching turn of events, Soucie injured the same knee again during basketball camp the last week in May. Once again, Soucie had to have total reconstructive surgery and months of physical therapy.

“This is so unfortunate because she is out the entire volleyball season again,” said Trojans’ volleyball coach, Judy Mousel. “Bailey is a tremendous athlete and competitor and it is so unfortunate that she has had to deal with these injuries. Her attitude during these past two seasons has been very positive even though I know she is hurting inside.”

As a freshman, Soucie “did an outstanding job as a setter,” said Mousel, “and set a season record.”

The All-American, straight-A athlete has set more than one record and in more than one sport. Soucie set the average assists of 23.5 and the season assists at 612 in volleyball as a freshman. She was an All-State honorable mention in basketball and volleyball and threw the discus at state track last year.

Soucie thought basketball was her sport of choice, but her coach says, “She didn’t know her capabilities in volleyball until she sat out a year. After her freshman season she realized her passion for volleyball and has had to funnel that energy toward her teammates.”

“It is a lot harder than I thought,” Soucie said. “But I surround myself with my supporters and keep a positive attitude.”

Soucie attends the practices, leads the team through some of the drills and travels with the team to games and gives 100 percent to the team although she can’t actively play the game.

Despite being unable to play, she is an integral part of the volleyball program.

“She is the best supporter of the team, giving words of advice and encouragement to her teammates from the sidelines,” Mousel said. ‘She has had the chance to really get to know the game since she sits beside the coaches and she sees the team’s potential.”

The prominence of playing volleyball next season keeps Soucie’s spirits and attitude up to beat but it is “hard not being able to be on the court with my teammates or in the locker room with them,” said Soucie. “A couple of months ago, I wanted to jump out on the court and start playing.”

However, Soucie is glad that there was someone like Frankie Petersen, who could step up and take her position when she injured her knee. It helped Soucie a lot to see the capabilities of Petersen, as well as her other teammates.

Soucie will be back in the court at the start of basketball season and plans to be hitting the ball during her senior year’s volleyball season. She also hopes to get a volleyball scholarship to a Division 2 school.

On that note, Mousel said, “expect Soucie to come back better than ever in 2008.”

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