MCC spikers play final regular-season matches this week

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The McCook Community College volleyball team will wrap up its regular season schedule this week with three tough matches.

The MCC schedule starts tonight at home at True Hall Gymnasium against Dodge City (Kan.) Community College at 6 p.m.

MCC travels to Colby to play a very good Colby team at 7 p.m. Thursday and finishes the regular season at home at 7 p.m. Friday against Central Community College, the No. 16-ranked team in NJCAA Division II.

The match with Dodge City tonight will also be Parents Night. Adopt-An-Athlete parents are also encouraged to attend as they will also be recognized.

Friday night’s opponent Central features Allison Smith, a 6-foot sophomore from McCook.

The Indians dropped all three of their matches on last weekend’s Colorado swing. MCC lost to Lamar Friday 30-23, 30-18, 30-26.

“This was not one of the better matches for us,” said MCC coach Gary Payne. “We came out flat and let Lamar get all of the momentum and they never looked back. We gave them a decent run in Game 3, but just could extend the match any farther.

“We have had some good matches with Lamar this season, but we made them look really good in this match. They dominated us in every phase of the game and show us that they deserved to win this match.”

On Saturday, MCC lost to Otero 30-26, 30-26, 30-25.

“We played much better in this match than the night before,” Payne said. “Otero is a pretty good team and will probably be the No. 3 seed in the Region IX tournament. The girls played this match with a  lot of intensity and did some good things. They have a couple hitters that we don’t match up real well with and that gave them the advantage in this match.

“If we can find a way to neutralize them in the Region IX tournament, I think we give ourselves a chance to beat them.”

Then the Indians lost to Trinidad 16-30, 30-25, 31-29, 30-14.

“We came out of the gates strong in this match and worked our game plan to perfection,” Payne said. “We did a great job serving where we needed to so that we could get their best player out of rhythm.

“We told our servers that when their best player was in the front row but back to serve receive that we need to serve her because it took her out of getting all the way to the outside and hitting with her power. When she was in the back row, we served their libero, which turned out to be good for us.

“Ashley Cordova served brilliantly scoring 11 points in Game 1. We also got a lot of help from our diggers and hitters in game 1. Kelsey Kathman did an excellent job reading where the hitters were hitting and kept the ball in play a lot.

“Then Whitney Hochstetler and Cayla Skaritka did a wonderful job hitting in Game 1.

“Whitney really stepped up and in Game 1 had 6 kills on 8 swings with no errors hitting at a .750 clip and Cayla had 4 kills on 8 swings with no errors hitting at a .500 in Game 1. Whitney ended up hitting a team high .400 for the match.

“After Game 1 Trinidad really settled down and started to build some momentum that we didn’t have an answer for. In Game 4, we stopped moving our feet in serve receive, started missing a lot of serves, had a lot of hitting errors which sealed the victory for Trinidad.

“Overall, it was a very disappointing weekend for us and put us into the No. 6 seed in the Region IX tournament and we will probably play Otero in the first round. I still believe we have a good shot at getting into the top 3 in the region if we come out with some intensity and play our game and not let the big runs kill us.

“Serving has plagued us all season and we really need to make more serves and give ourselves a chance to be successful.”

The Indians (9-28) will compete in the Region IX Tournament at Trinidad Nov. 1-3.

MCC 23 18 26
Lamar 30 30 30


Lacey Parker was 26 of 30 with 11 kills

Cayla Skaritka was 18 of 28 with 8 kills

Chelsey Quigley was 28 of 32 with 7 kills

Whitney Hochstetler was 18 of 21 with 5 kills

Sam Brown was 5 of 7 with 3 kills

Tara Long was 4 of 5 with 2 kills

Sharyn Cape was 1 of 1 with 1 kill


Tara Long had 23 assists

Chelsey Quigley had 2 assists

Sam Brown and Lacey Parker each had 1 assist


Tara Long was 11 of 11 with 2 aces

Sharyn Cape was 14 of 14 with 1 ace

Chlesey Quigley was 8 of 10 with 1 ace

Ashley Cordova was 6 of 7

Lacey Parker was 9 of 11

Whitney Hochstetler was 9 of 14


Kelsey Kathman had 15 digs

Ashley Cordova had 12 digs

Chelsey Quigley had 10 digs

Lacey Parker had 9 digs

Sharyn Cape had 7 digs

Tara Long and Whitney Hochstetler each had 6 digs

Cayla Skaritka had 2 digs


Whitney Hochstetler had 6 points

Tara Long, Lacey Parker, Chelsey Quigley each had 4 points

Sharyn Cape had 2 points

Ashley Cordova had 1 point

MCC 26 26 25
Otero 30 30 30


Cayla Skaritka was 35 of 39 with 14 kills

Lacey Parker was 27 of 31 with 10 kills

Chelsey Quigley was 40 of 45 with 9 kills

Whitney Hochstetler was 23 of 26 with 4 kills

Alicia Vandenbark was 9 of 9 with 3 kills

Tara Long was 8 of 8 with 3 kills


Tara Long had 33 assists

Ashley Cordova, Cayla Skaritka, Chlesey Quigley each had 1 assist


Whitney Hochstetler was 15 of 19 with 3 aces

Lacey Parker was 10 of 11 with 1 ace

Ashley Cordova was 10 of 10

Tara Long was 10 of 11

Sharyn Cape was 4 of 5

Cayla Skaritka was 7 of 9

Chelsey Quigley was 7 of 10


Cayla Skaritka had 18 digs

Kelsey Kathman had 13 digs

Chelsey Quigley had 12 digs

Ashley Cordova had 10 digs

Whitney Hochstetler had 3 digs

Lacey Parker and Alicia Vandenbark each had 2 digs

Tara Long had 1 dig


Whitney Hochstetler had 10 points

Tara Long had 5 points

Sharyn Cape, Ashley Cordova, Lacey Parker each had 3 points

Cayla Skaritka and Chelsey Quigley each had 2 points


Tara Long, Lacey Parker, Whitney Hochstetler, Chelsey Quigley each had 1 block

MCC 30 25 29 14
Trinidad 16 30 31 30


Cayla Skaritka was 26 of 34 with 12 kills

Whitney Hochstetler was 24 of 25 with 11 kills

Lacey Parker was 29 of 29 with 11 kills

Chelsey Quigley was 30 0f 31 with 5 kills


Tara Long had 33 assists

Whitney Hochstetler had 1 assist


Ashley Cordova was 17 of 19 with 4 aces

Lacey Parker was 14 of 17 with 3 aces

Whitney Hochstetler was 11 of 14 with 2 aces

Tara Long was 17 of 19 with 1 ace

Cayla Skaritka was 15 of 19 with 1 ace

Chelsey Quigley was 9 of 11


Cayla Skaritka and Kelsey Katman each had 18 digs

Ashley Cordova had 13 digs

Chelsey Quigley had 12 digs

Lacey Parker and Whitney Hochstetler each had 3 digs

Sam Brown had 2 digs

Tara Long had 1 dig


Ashley Cordova had 15 points

Tara Long had 9 points

Lacey Parker had 7 points

Cayla Skaritka and Whitney Hochstetler each had 6 points

Chlesey Quigley had 5 points


Whitney Hochstetler had 2 blocks

Cayla Skaritka, Sam Brown, Chelsey Quigley each had 1 block

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