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Friday, July 27, 2007

An e-mail to my sister:


I think I just missed someone's birthday and I think that it might have been one of your children. It might have been your youngest child … no wait you've had another one recently haven't you? How many do you have anyway? I lost count after the first one.

Well, whatever. I hope whoever it was had a wonderful birthday! I have sent a virtual card by e-mail and a gift card from Amazon. com since I don't remember who it was that I missed. That will come by e-mail too.

I'm sorry about being so scatter-brained, but you'll understand since I have always been that way, even when we were younger.




"Your message could not be delivered. The e-mail address could not be verified."

E-mail to sister…with the correct e-mail address:


When did you change your e-mail address?

Reply from sister:

Hi Laura,

It was good to hear from you. My address has been the same one for the past two years now. Perhaps you should put it in your address book? 

We thank you for the virtual card, the virtual gift, and the virtual birthday greetings. We have decided to buy a virtual calendar with the gift card. For you. 

As it happens, nobody here is celebrating a birthday this month, virtual or otherwise.

In fact, we don't have another birthday here for the next several months. But my little one is teething, my dog had puppies, and my daughter got new braces, so a card was certainly in order anyway.

We simply took the virtual card and virtually changed the sentiment from "Happy Birthday to Someone Exceptional!" to "Hope Your Day Is Somewhat Acceptable!"

By the way, I hope your son got the gift I sent for his birthday last week. Please tell me you remembered his birthday.


Your Sister

Reply to reply:

I'm sorry to hear about the teething, puppies, and braces…unless, of course, you wanted to have puppies. I'm sorry I got the whole birthday-thing wrong, too. Maybe you'd better send that virtual calendar at warp speed.

Well, at least you were able to use the virtual card!  It's been nice virtually talking with you, but I think I need to go apologize to my son, now.



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