43 youngsters compete in K of C free throw contest

Thursday, January 11, 2007
Courtesy Local Knights of Columbus free throw champions front from left: Marisa Esch, Brooklynn Trew, Madison Chitwood, Kaylee Samway. Second row: Bret Baumbach, Connor Larson, Matt Chitwood, Riley Loop. Back: Adryan Lucero, Darius Bolli, Rebecca Sehnert, Breanna Redl, Becky Goodenberger, Tiara Schmidt, Bryce Dame, Joel Baker, Jonathon Spilinek, Josh Escher, Gavin Harsh, Bethany Riener, Emily Tolliver, Kayla Spilinek and Allison Tolliver. Not pictured: Austin Huffman.

Forty-three girls and boys from the ages of 9-14 competed in the Knights of Columbus free throw championship Sunday at the McCook St. Patrick's school gym.

First place winners will go on to districts, which will also be played at the St. Pat's gym on Jan. 28, at 1 p.m.

Girls division

Age 9: 1. Tiara Schmidt, McCook; 2. Allison Tolliver, McCook

Age 10: 1. Rebecca Sehnert, McCook; 2. Breanna Redl, McCook

Age 11: 1. Kaylee Samway, McCook; 2. Brooklynn Trew, McCook

Age 12: 1. Madison Chitwood, McCook; 2. Marisa Esch, McCook

Age 13: 1. Kayla Spilinek, McCook; 2. Emily Tolliver, McCook

Age 14: 1. Bethany Riener, Palisade; 2. Becky Goodenberger, McCook

Boys division

Age 9: 1. Bret Baumbach, McCook; 2. Riley Loop, McCook

Age 10: 1. Adryan Lucero, McCook; 2. Darius Bolli, McCook

Age 11: 1. Jonathon Spilinek, McCook; 2. Josh Escher, McCook

Age 12: 1. Gavin Harsh, McCook; 2. Bryce Dame, McCook

Age 13: 1. Matt Chitwood, McCook; 2. Joel Baker, McCook

Age 14: 1. Connor Larson, McCook; 2. Austin Huffman, McCook.

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