Truck stop planned for North U.S. Highway 83

Friday, November 3, 2006
Marshell and Tracey Sis, top, are planning a new full-service truck stop. (Gene O. Morris/McCook Daily Gazette)

McCook will become the site of a large truck stop in the summer of 2007. The project, long anticipated, was confirmed Wednesday when Marshell and Tracey Sis of rural McCook purchased a 5.96-acre site on North Highway 83 from the McCook Christian Church.

"We've been planning this project for 10 years," Marshell and Tracey said. "It's good to see everything finally come together."

The truck stop -- to be known as SISGO Travel Center -- will be located on the east side of U.S. Highway 83 between Four County Feed and the car wash and storage units on West N Street.

Groundbreaking for the 26,000 square foot, single level facility is scheduled to take place March 31, '07, with hopes to open the truck stop for business by late June.

The travel center will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The around-the-clock operation will require a staff of ten full-time and five part-time employees, according to Marshell and Tracey, who both will have active roles in management of the business.

A full line of services for truckers and motorists will be provided, Mr. and Mrs. Sis said.

The offerings will start with all types of fuel, including biodiesel, diesel No. 1 (for cold weather), diesel No. 2 (lower sulphur level), unleaded, super unleaded (E-10), E-85, and -- as soon as it's available -- pure ethanol. SISGO's branded gasoline provider will be Shell. "They're the favorite of truckers nationwide," Marshell said.

In addition to gasoline, the travel center will feature a wide range of services for trucks, including tires, oil changes, grease jobs, tire repair and brake service.

There will also be a trucker's lounge with showers and sleeping quarters.

Rounding out SISGO's offerings will be a home style restaurant -- featuring the large servings popular at truck stops -- and a convenience store.

That's all taking place in Phase One of the travel center project. In Phase Two, planned in the near future, SISGO will add a truck wash facility.

Dave Wilson of W Design Associates is doing the design. "Dave's work is the start of our effort to stay at home for services and supplies," Marshell and Tracey said.

"We also want to express our thanks to the McCook Christian Church members and Pastor Clark Bates, who have been great to deal with. We're also grateful to the lending institutions of McCook for their encouragement and to our family and friends for their support throughout the dreaming and planning stages," the Sises said.

The years of planning advanced to reality because of two developments. First, Marshell said, was the ethanol development, which increased an already steady stream of trucks through the region.

Then, the crowning touch came when the site on U.S. 83 became available. That happened when the McCook Christian Church, owners of the site, decided to purchase and remodel a large building on B Street rather than construct a new building on the North 83 site.

"We need lots of room, because we will have overnight parking for 50 trucks," Marshell said. "The North 83 site is ideal because it provides that kind of space."

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