Smith, Nebraska Citizens group issue response to Shoemaker letter

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Steve Smith and Nebraska Citizens issued the following response later this morning:

Most candidates do not like being on the record. They prefer to control every aspect of their image. Yet many voters want to know more information than just the vague statements that most candidates hope voters will accept. Nebraska Citizen is a web site set up to help voters find, in one place, as much information as possible about the candidates. As it is a volunteer project with limited resources, it only covers the Nebraska statewide races and the legislative races. Perhaps someday it can be expanded to cover all races at all levels.

This letter is to address a complaint of one of the candidates. Frank Shoemaker and several of his supporters have complained about a web site called Nebraska Citizen. Nebraska Citizen is a web site that was set up before the primary to help voters know candidates' positions on the issues. A questionnaire was mailed to each candidate for Legislative office. The candidate was asked to go to the Nebraska Citizen web site and answer questions that might be of interest to the voter. Many did.

Even though the Shoemaker campaign has refused to answer any of the questions on the web site, they have frequently referenced the web site to attack positions held by his opponent Mark Christensen. When the questionnaire was sent to the candidates, they were informed that if they chose to not answer, Nebraska Citizen would attempt to find their positions from their campaign statements and materials. This warning is also posted on the web site. While the Shoemaker campaign has never answered questions on a large variety of subjects, it has taken a few positions. Those which can be documented are posted on the web site. Shoemaker and his staff are welcome to modify their answers themselves at any point in time. At present, they prefer to complain that someone might read their campaign material and cite it, rather than providing their own answers on the Nebraska Citizen site.

If a candidate will not tell you what their position is on a large number of issues then it makes me and many other voters wonder what it is they have to hide and if we really want to vote for the unknown.

Steve Smith

Nebraska Citizen


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