District track meets: Bison boys claim B-6 title

Friday, May 12, 2006
The McCook High School boys pole vaulters took 1-2-3 at the Class B-5 district meet Thursday and qualified for the Nebraska state track meet in Omaha May 19-20. From left: Ryan Bedore, who placed second with a vault of 13 feet, 10 inches; coach Bill Ramsey; David Swisher, who was third with a vault of 13-6; and Mason Pohl, who captured first place with a vault of 14-2. (Cindy Pohl/Courtesy Photo)

SCOTTSBLUFF -- The McCook High School boys track team took a big win in the Nebraska Class B6 District track meet in Scottsbluff Thursday.

McCook was in second place behind Scottsbluff and needed to beat the Bearcats in the 4x100 and 4x400 relays. The Bison won both events and tallied 105 points to Scottsbluff's 99.5.

The Bison boys qualified 15 individuals in 14 events, including all three relay teams for the state meet.

The Bison went 1-2-3 in the pole vault jump starting the meet. Mason Pohl won the event with Ryan Bedore and David Swisher following in second and third. Micah Kamla took third in the triple jump and Sam Frazier finished third in the discus.

Brendan Liess and Brandon Kotschwar were double individual qualifiers for the Bison. Kotschwar took fourth in the 110 meter high hurdles and 300 meter intermediate hurdles.

Liess, who has won 11 state track medals, took the gold in the 400 and finished third in the 100.

Liess along with teammates Tony Purvis, Jeff Klug and Nate Berry won the 4x 100 meter relay. Liess, Purvis, Josh Cherry and Jon Bryant also took the win in the 4x400 relay.

Cherry placed third in the 800 and John Swanhorst finished third in the 300 meter intermediate hurdles.

"Going 1-2-3 in the the pole vault kick-started our team before the running events started," said McCook assistant track coach Jeff Gross. "A couple of our young kids Brett Burton and J.D. Stone finished sixth in the long jump and shot put. They earned the team needed points.

"We had a pair of thirds in the field events with senior Micah Kamla (42-9 in the triple jump) and sophomore Sam Frazier (142-7 in the discus). The team appeared in pretty good shape after the field events.

"Our 4x800 ran a time of 8:05.8, which is a new school record. They placed behind Scottsbluff, which posted a time of 8:03.5. First though sixth place in our district have the six fastest times in the state of Nebraska. It was a big accomplishment. It got the team off to a good start in the running events. Things just fell into place."

Cody Martin, Jon Bryant, Andy Lambing and Josh Cherry were on the 4x800 relay. They broke the school record set in 1992 by the foursome of Ryan Heywood, Mitch Mollring, Justin Cumming and Derek Callan.

The McCook boys entered the state meet on a roll. The Bison won every invitational title and placed second at the GNAC meet.

"It's been a fabulous season," Gross said. "We feel we can go down there (to state) and compete for the title. We know as hard as we've competed this season, we have a chance."

Gross said seniors Darren Berry and Ryan Ankersen, who did not qualify for state, contributed a great deal to the Bison track program.

The Bison girls were fifth in the team standings with 42 points. The girls are sending seven individuals, including the 4x100 and 4x800 relay teams, to the state meet next week.

Kim Miller and Ashlee Huffman were the big winners for the Bison girls, Miller took the gold in the shot put (40-5 1/2) and Huffman won the discus (128-8).

Sarah Craw tied for second in the girls pole vault. She cleared 9 feet.

Austin Wilson took third in the 100 (12.7 personal record) and freshman Shelby Woitaszewski took fifth in the 100 meter high hurdles (16.4).

The 4x100 relay team of Wilson, Kali Lyons, Brianna Ward and Michelle Slater took second (personal record 51 seconds).

The team of Rebecca Rawlings, Tara Powell, Courtney Carter and Joanna Bryant finsihed fifth in the 4x800 relay (10:30.5).

"The girls competed very well in a very competitive B6 district," said McCook girls track coach Steve Clapp. "In addition to our seven qualfiers, we had a number of girls that finished in photo finishes but didn't qualify."

Senior Allison Smith finished fourth in the shot put and Miller and Kayla Wilson 4-5 in the discus. Freshman Dana McCorkle pole vaulted the same height as the qualifiers but more misses dropped her from qualifying. Freshman Tara Powell lost in a photo finish in the 1600.

"The coaches were generally pleased with the performance of the entire track and field team and are looking forward to our returning athletes next year," Clapp said. "It was a great year for the girls as we were an improved team in many areas of competition and we commend our athletes for their work ethic in practice."

Chase County finished fourth in both the girls and boys team standings. The Longhorns turned out 10 state qualifiers. Celeste Pankonin started the team off taking the gold in the high jump. Eric Pirog, Cara Kunnemann and Tiffany Regier each placed in two events.

Regier finished second in long jump and third behind teammate Sybil Carman in the triple jump. Kunnemann took second in the 1600 and 3200.

Pirog finished sixth in the 100 meter high hurdles and third in the 300 meter low hurdles.

The 4x800 relay team of Pirog, Whitney Paisley, Tabitha Russell and Nichole Dickey finished sixth.

Mathew May qualified for two state events for the Chase County boys.

May finished third in the 100 and fourth in the 200.

The boys had three second place winners. Abel Hinojosa took second in the discus, Brett Gooden took the number two spot in the 800 and Gabe Lenners was second in the 110 meter high hurdles.

The boys relay team of Brett Gooden, Taylor Wentz, Darrin Schultz and May took second in the 4x400. The 4x800 relay team of Scott Ohlson, Wentz, Gooden and Schultz finished third.

Names marked with an * are state qualifiers.

Girls results

Team scores -- Scottsbluff, 122; Gering, 72; Chadron, 65.5; Cahse County, 59.5; McCook,. 57.5; Alliance, 42; Valentine, 41.5; Sidney, 24; OGallala, 23; Gordon-Rushville, 13; Mitchell, 11.

High jump -- 1. *Celeste Pankonin, CC, 5-04; 6. Whitney Paisley, CC, 4-11; 10. Allison Smith, MC, 4-09; 14. Morgan Stand, CC, 4-07.

Pole vault -- 2T. Sarah Craw, MC, 9-00; 5. Danae McCorkle, MC, 9-00.

Long jump -- 2. *Tiffany Regier, CC, 15-10.5; 6. Sybil Carman, CC, 15-05.75; 7. Kali Lyons, MC, 15-01; 8. Audrey Hagan, MC, 15-00.5; 14. Nicki Gawick, CC, 14-05.5.

Triple jump -- 2. *Sybil Carman, CC, 35-01.5; 2.*Tiffany Regier, CC, 34-07; 14. Nikki Gaswick, CC, 30-02.25.

Shot puit -- *Kim Miller, MC, 40-05.5; 4. Allison Smith, MC, 38-10.75; 7. Marie Sieperda, CC, 34-028; 8. Kayla Wilson, MC, 34-04.5; 17. Amanda Greeley, CC, 31-00; 22. Katie KElley, CC, 30-02.

Discus -- 1. *Ashlee Huffman, MC, 128-08; 4. Kim Miller, MC, 118-11; 5. Kayla Wilson, MC, 117-05; 7. Marie Sieperda, CC, 115-03; 10. Katie Kelley, CC, 109-*04; 11. RyAnn Spady, CC, 109-02;

100 -- 3. *Austin Wilson, MC, 12-5; 5. Nichole Dickey, CC, 13.2; 8. Kali Lyons, MC, 13.2.

400 -- 10. Jillian Bryant, MC, 1:05.9.

3200 -- 2. *Cara Kunnemann, CC, 12:18.5.

100 hurdles -- 5. *Shelby Woitaszewski, MC, 16.4; 6. *Erica Pirog, CC, 16.6.

4x800 relay -- 5. *McCook (Rawlings, Carrter, Powell, Bryant) 10:30.5; 6.

800 -- 8. Jamie Lines, CC, 2:36.4; 9. Jordan Baumbach, MC, 2:37.3; 5. Emma Fuilton, CC, 2:48.4.

1600 -- 2.*Cara Kunnemann, CC, 5:36.8; 5. TaraPowell, MC, 5:37.4.

300 hurdles -- 3.*Erica Pirog, CC, 48.2; 10. MArissaGrow, CC, 52.4; 16. Shelby Woitaszewski, MC, 54.4; 18.. Molly Peck, MC, 55.1,

4x100 relay -- 2. *McCook, (Lyons, Ward, Wilson, Slater) 51.0. 8. Chase County (Pirog, Russell, Regier, Dickey) 53.3.

4x400 relay -- 6. *Chase County (Pirog, Russell, Paisley, Dickey) 4:13.7; 6. McCook (Bryant, Rawlings, Bryant, Hagan) 4:17.3.

Boys results

Team scores -- McCook, 105; Scottsbluff, 99.5; Alliance, 67; Chase County, 57; Chadron, 47; Gering, 42; OGallala, 35; Gordon-Rushville, 34; Sidney, 29.5; Valentine, 9; Mitchell, 2.

Pole vault -- 1.*Mason Pohl, MC, 14-02; 2. *Ryan Bedore, MC, 13-10; 3.*David Swisher, MC, 13-06; 11. KEvin Bardard, CC, 11-04.

Long jump -- 6. Brett Burton, MC, 20-00.75; 8. Rony Sieperda, CC, 19-05.75; 19. Dillon Goltl, MC, 17-08.5; 21. Schyler Heathers, CC, 17-00.

Triple jump -- 3. *Micah Kamla, MC, 42-09.5; 9. Mitchell Green MC, 39-05; 13. Scott Way, CC, 37-02.5.

Shot put -- 2. *Abel Hinojosa, CC, 52-11.5; 6. JD Stone, MC, 47-10; 16. Alex Sharp, CC, 40-05.5; 18. ChanceThayer, CC, 40-02.75.

Discus -- 2.* Robbie Bell, CC, 142-08; 3. *Sam Frazier, MC, 142-07; 14. SamSis, MC, 122-09; 15. Abel Hinojosa, CC, 122-05; 17. Chance Thayer, CC, 118-07.

100 -- 3. *Mathew May, CC, 11.0; 7. Tony Purvis, MC, 11.2.

400 -- 1.* BrendanLiess, MC, 50.5; 6. Darren Berry, MC, 52.8; 7. Lance Milner, CC, 53.1; 8. Rony Sieperda, CC, 53.2.

110 hurdles -- 2. *Gabe Lenners, CC, 14.8 4. *Brandon Kotschwar, MC, 15.2; 5. John Swanhorst, MC, 15.3.

4x800 relay -- 2. *McCook (MArtin, Bryant, Lambing, Cherry) 8:05.8; 3. *Chase County (Ohlson, Wentz, Gooden, Schultz) 8:09.

200 -- 3. *BrendanLiess, MC, 22.5; 4. Mathew May, CC, 22.6; 8. DillonGoltl, MC, 23.4.

800 -- 2. *BrettGooden, CC, 1:58.9; 3. *Josh Cherry, MC, 1:59; 8. ScottOhlson, CC, 2:04.9; 15. Chacne Unger, MC, 2:12.5.

300 hurdles -- 3.* John Swanhorst, MC, 40.8; 4. *Brandon Kotschwar, MC, 41.3; 6. Lance Milner, CC, 41.7; 15. Taylor Yaw, CC, 44.0; 16. SchylerHeathers, CC, 44.6.

4x100 relay -- 1. * McCook (Liess, Purvis, Klug, Berry) 43.2. 10. ChaseCounty (Lenners, Way, Milner, Sierpeda) 47.6.

4x400 relay -- 1. *McCook (Bryant, Purvis, Cherry, Liess) 3:23.3; 2. * ChaseCounty (Gooden, Wentz, Schultz, May) 3:23.9.

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