Ultimate male multi-tasker

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brad is back to countdown again.

A few days ago, he told a friend it was only two more weeks before we could get the boat out in the water.

I don't think he should rush it any. After all, a boat only has two good fishing trips in it before it breaks down and spends the rest of the summer sitting in a boat yard waiting to be repaired.

I think he should wait 'till Memorial Day weekend for his first fishing trip and then hold off until Labor Day. That way, his boating excursions will last him the entire summer and we'll have all winter to throw another $200 into repairs and replacement parts.

Personally, I prefer to fish off the bank.

First of all, it's a lot easier for me to find facilities on the bank than it is on a boat.

I've had to threaten several times to take a dive off the side of the boat if he wasn't willing to pull over at the next rest stop.

Secondly, with those handy little bells hanging off the poles, I can get in as much sleep as I want in the comfort of our camper -- our boat seats are not conducive to getting a good day's sleep.

Fishing used to be fun -- until I got involved in the cleaning part. I'm not even sure how it happened. We came home one afternoon with a whole slew of fish. I sat down and had Brad show me how to fillet them -- ever since then, we arrive home late on a Sunday night -- too late to worry about cleaning fish -- they get put on ice, and I end up cleaning them the next day after I get off work.

He does do a good job of catching them, though. Last year, on our first trip out in the boat, he caught walleye, bass, and wipers one right after the other. I caught a few trees, several tree limbs and a bunch of willows.

Our second and final trip ended up basically the same way. With the added pleasure of the engine cutting out on us and watching my son drift steadily toward the rocks at Harry Strunk Lake.

Supposedly the boat is fixed this year, and ready to hit the water -- I'll believe it when I see it. Otherwise, I'll be digging the oars out from underneath the front of the boat, hoping I don't manage to drop another one in the lake.

In the meantime, he's been thinking about hunting. He wants me to make sure I don't miss the deadline for applying for our antelope permits.

Come October, Brad is hoping I'll be dressing out another species of animal.

It's no wonder the man can accomplish so much -- he's what you might call a multi-tasker and a delegator, all rolled up into one.

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