Mid-Plains unveils new Web site

Saturday, March 11, 2006
Lindy Quaney of Mid-Plains Community College's Enrollment Management Team takes a look at the college's newly developed Web site. (MPCC)

NORTH PLATTE -- Getting information about Mid-Plains Community College and its campuses became easier than ever this week with the unveiling of its new, state-of-the-art Web site.

"This gives us an instantaneous opportunity to have the latest information up on the website at all times," said Chuck Salestrom, MPCC Director of Public Information and Marketing. "It also gives us complete control of the website internally, rather than running it though a webmaster."

The new Web site, located at http://www.mpcc.edu, became available to the public this week. It was created by Alice and Martin Mora of the North Platte based Expertise Inc.

Salestrom said this is the fourth version of the Web site that the college has used in the nine years he has been at MPCC. He also said he believes it to be the best by far.

"The main difference is that the old Web sites used a webmaster to put the information on the pages," he said. "Now, we have basically taken the Web site and divided it up into areas of responsibility, so there are specific people who not only have control of what the content says, but they actually put the content on the site itself."  

For example, the Human Resources department will take care of the Human Resources section of the website. With the new version of the Web site, they can now make the changes themselves rather than running it though a variety of "gatekeepers."

"Changing things such as schedules and student enrollment information can be a tedious process when it is done by only two or three people. Now, the teams and team managers can put the information on the pages themselves," Salestrom said.  

Salestrom said the Web site is designed to be user-friendly for those who are currently at the college as well as for those who are seeking information about MPCC. One of the reasons for this is that the software is only two "layers" deep.

"You should be able to find most of the information you want with only two clicks of the mouse or three clicks if you want more detailed information," Salestrom explained. He noted that this is mainly due to the use of many Portable Document Format files within the site.

"By using PDF files, we can put the 'sizzle' or a Reader's Digest version of the various materials on each certain page, then if a student or an interested party wants to get more detailed information, they can click on the link and read the whole thing," he said.

Some of the other features found on the Web site include an "MPCC Today" link for the latest happenings at the college, class schedules, and a "CampusWeb" feature for current students.

Salestrom noted that although the Web site is now available for public use, new information is still being added on a daily basis.

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