Bison tennis team shuts out Hershey

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

HERSHEY -- The McCook High School boys tennis team claimed a sweep Tuesday at Hershey and the junior varsity won 5-of-6 matches.

"What a great performance by our underclassmen sweeping all nine matches and improving our duel record to 9-1," said McCook tennis coach Matt Wiemers.

"Jack (Latta), Scott (Friehe) and Jared (Olson) played well for their first varsity matches of the season. I thought Brett (Burton), Asher (Brooks) and Austin (Larson) did a nice job of not playing to the level of their competition.

"With the people we took today, this was a pretty good indication of how things will play out next season. I really like how well the team conformed together and supported one another.

"We have some good depth for next season and the opportunity to get them playing time is of the greatest importance this season.

"Our JV's also had a successful day winning 5 of the 6 matches played. Matthew (Carriker), Mitch (Sellers) and John (Huffman) played solid singles matches and once again showed signs of improvement.

"JP (Tapia) competed well and also showed improvement. All four of those guys are doing a great job this season and improving with each match."

The Bison compete at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Greater Nebraska Athletic Conference meet at Scottsbluff.

McCook 9, Hershey 0

Varsity Singles:

1 Brett Burton def. B. Herada, 8-0

2 Asher Brooks def. D. Martin, 8-0

3 Austin Larson def. L. Isom, 8-0

4 Jack Latta def. G. Stoddard, 8-2

5 Scott Friehe def. E. Friesell, 8-1

6 Jared Olson def. R. Hunter, 8-1

Varsity Doubles:

1 Burton-Olson def. Stoddard-Isom, 8-2

2 Brooks-Larson def. Friesell-Hunter, 8-0

3 Latta-Friehe def. Martin-Herada, 8-1

Junior Varsity Singles:

Matthew Carriker def. S. Friesell, 6-3

Mitch Sellers def. B. Colburn, 6-0

John Huffman def. R. Hunter, 6-3

JP Tapia lost to S. Friesell, 6-0

Junior Varsity Doubles:

Carriker-Huffman def. Colburn-Friesell, 6-3

Sellers-Tapia def. Colburn-Friesell, 6-4

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