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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Comments sent via website in response to the Parker Adair column "Sportsmanship still exists" in Wednesday's McCook Daily Gazette.

From Jay Overholts

How can you lump the Miami Hurricanes in to this list? I was originally interested in the article, but as soon as I saw that comment I tuned out.

All Miami has done is turn around its "bad boy" attitude from 15 years ago, graduated a phenomonal rate of student athletes, and still maintained a high level of football.

Maybe you need to throw away that 1989 calendar hanging on your wall and join the rest of us in the modern day era of sports. Apparently you missed the 2002 Rose Bowl, when Miami dismantled Nebraska for the National Title, without as much as an ounce of swagger or show-manship.

Clearly Larry Coker called off the dogs in the second half to spare Frank Solich an NU any further embarassment...and as far as I am concerned that is the epitomy of sportsmanship.

I would hope in the future you will be more responsible with the way you write your stories. Times change, along with people...and yes, even NCAA programs.

From Milton Hernandez

I would think that by now you would know that most college programs are in bad shape.

Instead of singling out the Miami Hurricanes, why don't you also mention Ohio State, Florida State, Georgia basketball, Ohio State basketball and all the other college programs that have had their fair share of wrongdoings.

Either the Canes must have beaten your team really bad or you just can't let go of something that happened years ago.

Yes, the Canes may have done some bad things in the past but they have worked hard to correct their image.

They still have some work to do (linebacker Willie Williams) but don't single them out.

They are not the Canes of old. If you can't see this, or be an unbiased journalist, I suggest you stop writing and find another job.

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