Hospital to upgrade Xray

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Community Hospital of McCook will begin updating its 22 year-old x-ray equipment at the first of the year.

Hospital President Gary Bieganski told board members it's time to replace the outdated equipment with more technologically advanced equipment. The equipment replacement was budgeted for the 2003-04 fiscal year.

The replacement will take place in three phases. During the first phase, new digital x-ray equipment will be installed in January or February. The cost of the first phase will cost about $300,000 - $350,000.

During the second phase, expected to occur sometime between July and December 2004, the CAT Scan unit will be replaced at a cost of about $460,000.

The third phase will be the purchase of a Picture Archival Computerized System which will allow the hospital to save images on computer and allow radiologists to study the x-rays in a three dimensional image. That phase is expected to be completed in 2005.

Two new members have been seated on Community Hospital's Board of Directors.

Patty Houghton and Dirk Gray became official members of the board during Monday's regular meeting. Jeff Crick was re-elected to his post. The three will serve three-year terms.

The annual election of officers was also conducted. Jeff Crick was re-elected as chairman, Kenneth Bracht was elected vice-chair, Clark Bates was named secretary and Peggy Brooks will fill the treasurer's position.

Bracht, Jeff Shaddock and Gray will serve on the budget and finance committee and Houghton, Bates, Jane Esklidsen and Wiemers will serve on the personnel and planning committee. Houghton and Wiemers will serve on the Community Hospital Health Foundation Board of Directors.

Following the acknowledgement of the new board members, Jim Ulrich, chief financial officer at Community Hospital reported the hospital had experienced an excellent October and was now operating with a positive income of $71,000.

He also told board members the hospital had received around $400,000 from Medicare because of decrease in patient volume.

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