Bill and the beanstalk

Monday, September 24, 2001

Dear Editor,

I work four part-time jobs. One is, of course, my gardens. I did not trade a cow for these beans, but magic they are. For nearly a month they were less than 6 inches tall and my wife came near to pulling them.

Then the bugs got to them, all but one in the front yard, because I grow organic. It slowly took off, but once the heat of summer bit this area, WOW!

It is not yet to the clouds and the giant's home, but a free standing bush bean, 12 feet tall, ain't bad. A number of people have stopped and taken pictures with it. Some think it's a bamboo tree or some other plant that came from the equator. Now there are some in the back yard for shading the house, as we have no air conditioning. It also drew butterflies like no other plant in my forty years of gardening.

Another nice thing is since I went to rain-barrels, which collected more than 4,000 gallons this year, less than one percent of that free water went to the bean plant. With government and special interest, plus discount mega-stores raising costs on the poor and elderly, we had all better start trading for seeds and learning all their possible uses for the primitive future.

Bill Donze


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