Touched by concert

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Dear Editor,

A very special thanks to you and the McCook Daily Gazette for sponsoring the very entertaining and patriotic program put on by the Heartland of America Air Force Band. When Michelle Summer led the audience of over 1,000 in singing, "God Bless America," it touched me deeply, even bringing tears to my eyes. This program was just right for such a time as this.

When I came back after World War II, having served in France and Germany, I prayed to God that we would never have a war fought on our American soil. Seeing cities and small towns totally destroyed, reduced to rubles and ruins, and seeing civilians with no place to stay but a corner of a house or basement filled with ruins, this is war at its worst.

To our surprise Sept. 11, we would never have dreamt of an attack as such, especially in the manner it was executed. What a gruesome, malicious, barbarous murder of innocent, decent and loving American people.

The attack makes us realize there are other things more important than fame, wealth or even sports. For most of us in America, dependence on God is much easier said than done. We have been blessed with so much that we literally want for nothing.

Not only do we want for nothing, but we have mistakenly been led to believe that we are responsible for our wealth and good fortune. We give ourselves the credit for God's blessings. It's very hard to have dependence upon God when we don't even recognize His blessings.

"Freedom does not come without sacrifice." The true heroes are the ones who gave their lives to preserve this freedom we enjoy in America today.

Let's hope and pray that this true patriotism, this respect for God and country that is so present now, will last and last until Kingdom Come.


Clarence and Lois Helms


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