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Monday, January 21, 2002

Dear Editor,

On Jan. 7, 2002 ,I spoke to the McCook City Council and expressed some concerns that I had about the recommendation that was being made to them about a water advisory committee. I felt it would be more productive to offer suggestions before they made a decision on the committee rather than to complain about their decision after. I was hoping to prevent some tribulation for our city council as well as for our community.

I volunteered to serve on the committee, whatever the City Council's decision was, because I felt it would be hard to find very many people that would be able to commit to all of the stipulations that were recommended to them.

I also suggested that no one that worked for the city or had any business interest should lead the discussion. I felt it was important that none of us should feel there was a conflict of interest.

The other part that I addressed was the committee not being able to make a formal recommendation to the City Council. I felt it was asking a lot of citizens to meet all of the stipulations required to serve and to spend all of that time serving and not be taken seriously.

To me, it appeared that it was all being done for show. I thought it was important for the committee to make a formal recommendation but of course the final decision would be up to the City Council as to whether they followed the recommendation or accepted another plan.

There was discussion by the council, instructions to make some changes in the application and the recommendation. It was my understanding that the council was not going to make the decisions about the committee until Jan. 21, 2002.

At that time they would decide who would serve and how the committee was going to be set up, etc.

I have tried to encourage people in the community to get involved in this process. It will affect all of us who live in the city limits and use the water for a very long time.

I handed out a lot of the applications and tried to make sure no one was intimidated by the questions on them as it sounded like the council didn't need all of the information that was on the applications.

My overall feeling has been that the recommendation given to the council was designed to discourage citizens from taking part. The deadline will have passed by the time this letter is read but I would still encourage every citizen to attend as many meetings as possible.

I certainly appreciate the letters to the editor, the phone calls and information sent to me in the mail. I especially appreciate the fact that they have all been signed. It is a valuable resource to have when it is known whom to call for further information.


Brenda McMurtrey,


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