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Monday, January 21, 2002

Dear Editor,

I don't live in McCook and haven't for many years. However I do enjoy reading what is going on in my old hometown, on the Internet.

I was particularly impressed by Darrell Pottoff's comments on the county fairgrounds.

Each time I have visited McCook, staying at the Chief, I thought the race cars were right across the street. I don't know how the people that live near the fairgrounds can survive the sounds.

Mr. Pottoff has given the city some workable suggestions that should definitely be looked at by the city or county -- whoever is involved in the decision to pour in more money into a closed end situation.

We have enough politicians in Washington who are backing away from the splendid cooperation and setting aside of egos that prevailed after Sept. 11.

Why not set an example for everyone in the community by opening this up for study to come up with a solution that could benefit all groups, now and in the long term? It sounds as if Mr. Pottoff has some good ideas to get the ball rolling.

An interested former McCookite,

Gary Smith

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