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Monday, February 11, 2002

Dear Editor,

It seems ironic that some members of the McCook city council have chosen to climb back into bed with the same man ...

Why prolong our relationship with Mr. Swearingen any longer than necessary? This city seems to have a fetish for conducting business with some individuals whose intentions are questionable. Many of us would love to be getting paid 6-7 percent interest on our money if the city were the guarantor. I believe the citizens of McCook should seriously challenge the city council's power to enter into an agreement of this magnitude, not only in this matter as it stands today, but originally when the whole catastrophe began. My main point being that the city of McCook is not in the business of procuring large blocks of real estate under any circumstances at any time. The city sales tax was imposed by the vote of the citizenry, shouldn't a capital expenditure the size of the air base have been put under review? I believe so.

Mr. Editor, you commented on the fact that only three people attended Thursday's special council meeting. I commend these three citizens for their effort to make the 5 p.m. meeting. One has to wonder if these special meetings at 5 p.m. aren't an attempt by the city officials to avoid public scrutiny and ire. Most of us are still toiling this time of day to pay for the transgressions of the past. The council should realize that transparency concerning their activities would lead to less suspicion. Executive session? Get it out on the table.

As we move forward from here, we are still confronted with major decisions regarding the quality of our water. This inevitably will have a major price tag associated with it. The citizens of McCook will pay the bill. The City Council will make the ultimate decision on how the citizen's money is spent in accomplishing this important long term solution. It is my sincere hope this council and the new council will not hide behind the skirt of the water advisory committee. Let this work not go in vain.

A message to the council. If you're not in touch with your constituency ... Get There.


Matt Kamla


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