Great job, city

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Dear Editor,

This is an opportunity to extend a TREE-mendous thank you to Marty Conroy and the city crews. If you had damage from the recent storm, you likely appreciate the efforts of these people. When we returned home from the rodeo Sunday night, July 21, we came home to a yard full of downed limbs and mud. Twice in a 24-hour period the city crews hauled away our piles of branches stacked along Airport Road. I didn't call them to come. After visiting with our new neighbor who moved here from a town of similar size, it seems this service is not common to all small towns.

For several weeks, I had been considering a call to Marty about some elm trees grown up on the corner of H Street and Eleventh. A driving hazard, they prevented a clear view of oncoming traffic and an accident seemed inevitable. I didn't have to make that phone call, as someone in the city noticed the problem and cut those trees.

I would also like to thank the rural fire department, who spend a great deal of their night away from their families while they guarded the corner of Airport Road from the dangers of downed power lines. Thanks to the NPPD crews who restored electricity to the east side of town in the early morning hours.

One needs only to travel a little to fully appreciate what a great community we live in and what great people make up this town. Bless you.


Pamela L. Wolford


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