Grateful travelers

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Dear Editor,

Sunday afternoon my husband, 31/2 month old son and I were traveling home to Scottsbluff from McCook when our car died 12 miles outside of North Platte.

After waiting in the 100-degree weather for an hour and a half, finally a very nice lady pulled over to help us. She had a cell phone that she let us borrow and took my entire family into North Platte.

As we were riding into town, we discovered that she was related to a family that I used to work for in McCook and she also knew my husband's uncle in North Platte. (What a small, small world!)

I thanked her over and over again for her kindness; we offered her money for her time and efforts and she kindly declined our offerings. She said that a long time ago she, too, was stranded on the side of the road with one of her young children and no one stopped for her.

Because of that, she told us, she stops, and that particular day rescued my son and husband from the burning summer heat. I never got her name, but by spreading this thank you between McCook and North Platte, maybe her or her family will read this and she can once again be thanked. She was our road side angel.

Thank you so much for stopping for us, for taking us into town and for just having a heart.

You may never know what that did for us, or how it restored my faith in humanity. God bless you and your family.

Nick, Jessica and Gavin Mikoloyck


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