NCTA troubles

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Dear Editor,

Readers: How many of you attended and graduated from college at NCTA at Curtis, Neb., or had a relative that attended and graduated from that school? The reason I ask is because I feel that NCTA is in serious trouble.

In May 2002, there were 30 some students registered for the Ag Mechanics program. During the course of the summer some of these students were called and told not to come because the program was being cut or the program was not worth attending. Then in September, the Ag Mechanics students who were on campus (both first and second year students) were called together and told by the dean, that the program was gone as of December 2002.

This program was chosen to go first because it had nine fewer students that the horticulture program (which I understand will be the next to be cut). Naturally it will have fewer students if there have been students contacted and told not to come!

In May 2002, one teacher was relieved from his position. Another faculty member will be gone in December. Yet, we have hired other teachers. This does not make sense. We get rid of a program, remove a teacher, yet we hire other teachers and other faculty.

I also understand that some faculty have taken cuts in their salary. Did they take this cut to help with the budget or did they get a "cut" because they disagreed with what was happening at the school?

I understand there have to be cuts made in the budget because of funding. I was told by several people that there were ways this could happen without cutting programs. Maybe we could have done without a soccer field, a rodeo coach, and a "roping arena" at the boys dorm.

I have been a staunch supporter of NCTA. I have had three sons and a daughter-in-law graduate from the programs, another son will graduate in December, and my daughter will graduate in May. NCTA is a college that provides "hand on" education for students. This is so important because we all know that there are students who learn best from a "hands on" education.

I will continue to be a staunch supporter, but I can not support what is happening to our/your school.

If you are a graduate of NCTA, have relatives that attended NCTA, or plan to attend NCTA contact your senator.

Contact John Owens, Vice Chancellor for the University. Fellow Nebraskans, give them your input as to what is happening at NCTA. This is an agricultural state. We need agricultural schools.

Thank you.

Joan Wiiest


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