Edge of eternity

Monday, February 17, 2003

Dear Editor,

Do you realize we are sitting on the edge of eternity? The massive peace rallies all over the world this weekend are a powerful sign that we are very close to the end of this age. The Bible has much to say about peace and there are a number of facets to peace.

After the "rapture," (the snatching out of this world of hundreds of millions of Christians by the Lord Jesus Christ) there will a great  "man of peace" step out on the world stage according to Bible prophecy.

He will be known as the Anti-Christ. Anti- not only means against but in place of. This man will deceive the whole world into thinking he is Christ and he will present a plan of peace and prosperity to the world that will absolutely astound the world.

He will take advantage of this tremendous desire that the whole world has for peace. This man of peace will be energized and given great wisdom by none other than Satan himself. But this peace will be short lived, lasting only 31/2 years (the first half of the Tribulation) and then all hell will break loose and due to global nuclear warfare, plagues and terrible shortages of food, death and destruction will reign all over the world.

The Bible says that if Christ did not come back to earth to set up His kingdom at the end of seven years, "No flesh would be saved alive."

Hal Lindsey estimates in his book Vanished Into Thin Air, there will probably be only 50,000,000 (that's 50 million) people that survive the Tribulation.

Turn in your Bible to Revelation chapters 6-18 and read about the terrible loss of life that will occur during this time. Have you noticed how the North Korean dictator Kim is threatening the world with his nuclear arsenal while starving 4 to 7 million of his people to death?

Beloved we don't have much time left to bring our unsaved friends and loved ones to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. After the destruction of Iraq the whole world will want peace as never before. Can the Rapture be very far away. Work for the night is coming when our work is done.

Your Friend,

Paul Schneider


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