Plea agreement accepted

Thursday, July 25, 2002

District Judge John Battershell combined Red Willow and Hitchcock district court appearances for a Trenton man into one appearance in McCook Wednesday, and will sentence Christian R. Schaffert for charges in both counties on Sept. 6, at 8:30 a.m., in McCook.

In plea agreements with Red Willow County Attorney Paul Wood and Hitchcock County Attorney D. Eugene Garner, Schaffert pleaded no contest to two charges of third degree assault and one charge of reckless driving in Red Willow County, and no contest to charges of possession of methamphetamine in Hitchcock County.

In exchange for the no contest pleas, Wood reduced charges of willful reckless driving to reckless driving and dismissed one charge of criminal mischief; Garner dismissed a charge of driving under suspension.

Battershell continued Schaffert's arraignment on a second criminal mischief charge, allowing Schaffert time to pay $2,850 in damages to the victim. If Schaffert does not pay restitution by Sept. 6, Wood told Judge Battershell he will pursue prosecution of the criminal mischief charge, a Class IV felony.

Battershell ordered a pre-sentence investigation by probation officers and told Schaffert to have no contact with the victim. Schaffert's bond was continued in both counties

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