Household waste facility completed

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Red Willow County commissioners approved a certificate of substantial completion on the county's new household waste collection building, and toured the building with Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality personnel during commissioners' regular meeting Tuesday.

Project Manager Gary Dicenta explained to commissioners a fourth change order included installing a two-inch valve for fire hose connection and altering some drain piping into the catch basin. The building needs an inspection and OK from the state fire marshal now, Dicenta said.

Commissioners okayed the final payment, $24,766.91, to JL Construction. Dicenta said the original price on the building project was $296,000, and it ultimately cost $309,671.91. Dicenta said $42,968.84 remains in the DEQ grant that funded the building's construction.

DEQ officials praised county personnel for "protecting Nebraska's environment" with the county's waste collection program and the construction of the building.

Jacqueline Hughes of McCook, one of several collection program coordinators, thanked DEQ officials for the funding that has made both the program and the building possible. "It's been more successful than we ever dreamed possible," Hughes said. "It's grown into a great project with DEQ funding, and DEQ's belief in the county's program."

In other action, commissioners:

- Approved the acceptance of a $2,500 grant to the sheriff's department from the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice grant program. Sheriff Gene Mahon indicated to commissioners the grant will be used to purchase computers.

- Heard county treasurer Marleen Garcia present results of the sheriff's attempts to collect taxes owed the county. The 33 "distress warrants" issued Oct. 31, 2001, totaled $9,678.84, Garcia said. The sheriff's records indicate his officers collected $5,209.27, which amounts to $5,571.67 with interest and fees. That leaves $4,469.57 uncollected, Garcia said. She told commissioners she will issue distress warrants on all of those parcels again, except one for GFI Inc./Doug Hauxwell for $144.04 in personal property tax for 1999 taxes on some irrigation pipe, that she has decided is uncollectible. Commissioners approved striking that parcel from the tax rolls.

- Approved an agreement with Frontier County to pay $45 a day for each of six prisoners, or $8,212.50 a month, to house Red Willow County's prisoners. Commission Chairman Earl McNutt said Frontier County did not raise its rates over 2002, and it's a better deal than housing the county's prisoners with the state, which charges $65 a day.

- Signed a cooperative agreement for child support enforcement between the county and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Child Support Enforcement Division.

- Approved a "county plan of assessment" report to the Nebraska Department of Property Assessment and Taxation that indicates the county has 5,034 residential and 757 commercial real estate parcels; 2,883 agland parcels and 435,507 total agland acres; 63 oil real parcels; 123 oil personal schedules and 746 exempt parcels. The number of personal property schedules total 1,137.

- Discussed the Kiplinger Equestrian Arena and tabled any decision until their next meeting.

- Accepted and filed the sheriff's monthly revenue report and the fair board's financial report.

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