Hospital directors take tour of new obstetrics rooms

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

The completion of a second obstetrics room for Community Hospital of McCook provided an opportunity for the Board of Directors to tour one of the new rooms at the hospital.

For the past several months, the board has been scheduled to take a tour of the new rooms, but each time it was scheduled for a tour, the room was occupied, explained Gary Bieganski, hospital president.

This week, however, the second room was available and the board was taken on the tour.

The remodeling of each of the rooms combined two semi-private rooms into one large room.

The board also toured the newly remodeled Medical Specialists Center. Bieganski said the facility is not quite completed, but should be finished within the next few weeks. Dr. Kenneth Ellis' staff privileges were changed from consulting medical staff to active medical staff.

Dr. Rachelle Kaspar-Cope was granted courtesy medical privileges. Drs., David Hatch, Steven Martin, Daniel McGowan, John McGowan, Roy Brakash and Daniel Slawski were reappointed with consulting medical staff privileges.

Audiologist Mark Kripal and nurse anesthetist Charle Norhues were given allied health staff privileges and Dr. Wendy Grant and Athir Hajjar were given affiliate medical staff privileges.

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