Get to know ... Matt Serbousek

Monday, July 21, 2003
Matt Serbousek

Tyler Bieck: When did you begin to play baseball?

Matt Serbousek: I started as soon as I could hold my real fat bat.

TB: What positions do you play?

MS: Pitcher and shortstop because that is just where I began playing.

TB: What do you enjoy most about playing for the MNB Seniors?

MS: Being around all my friends and just being out on the field.

TB: What song do you have playing for your on-deck music?

MS: "Superstar" by Saliva, because last year I had "Click Click Boom" by Saliva so I decided to stay with the same artist.

TB: What do you do with your free time in the summer?

MS: All I do is work, sleep, and eat.

TB: Who is your favorite baseball player?

MS: Curt Schilling.

TB: You were a member of the 2003 McCook Bison State Championship golf team. What would you rather accomplish, a 300-yard drive or a home run?

MS: Well…I rarely hit a 300-yard drive, and if I do it normally gets me into trouble, so I would probably rather hit a home run

TB: What are your college plans for this Fall?

MS: I will be attending Garden City Community College to play baseball.

This is the latest in a series of "Get To Knows" that will cover the entire McCook National Bank American Legion Seniors baseball squad. The interviews were conducted by McCook Daily Gazette writer Tyler Bieck, a 2003 McCook High School graduate.The photos were taken by Gazette sports editor John J. Mesh.

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