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Despots of World War II: Joseph Stalin (Column ~ 02/13/17)
Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili hardly had the credentials of someone who would become a world leader when he was born in Gori, Georgia ((then a part of the Russian Empire) in 1878. He was the single child of a hardworking laundress. His father was an alcoholic shoemaker, who regularly beat the boy and generally made life hard for Josef and his mother. ...
Accidents, other factors make dog park idea attractive (Editorial ~ 02/08/17)
Lucas Kotschwar is to be commended for his effort to turn a close call for himself and the tragic loss of his dog into something positive. Kotschwar risked his own life to try to save his dog after it fell through thin ice in Barnett Park. The McCook Fire Department used a ladder truck to try to rescue the dog, but it was too late...
Out of sight, out of mind (Opinion Column ~ 02/07/17)
Yes it was out of sight and out of my mind until ... The septic system for my hangar was working fine until the big mess backed up and over ran the stool. The septic tank with leach field was installed as there is no city sewer system connecting to our airport. My system is shared with the local air ambulance group for the crew lounge building when they, thankfully, located at our airport. It is what it is...
City street hearing Monday (Local News ~ 02/03/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- City leaders will coordinate a public hearing Monday evening to discuss which street repair projects will be prioritized in the coming years. The hearing will take place during a regularly scheduled meeting of the McCook City Council, 6:30 p.m., at the Municipal Center...
Stereotypes of racial prejudice (Opinion Column ~ 02/03/17)
Imagine yourself as a young black teenage boy living on the south side of Chicago. There has never been a dad in the family that you can remember. Your mom is a decent caring person but she started having babies when she herself was a child and is now working two or three low-paying jobs just to put food on the table and clothes on the backs of her three children because you have a younger sister and an older brother. ...
Sandwich run leads to meth arrest (Local News ~ 02/02/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- A McCook woman who told a curious police officer she smelled like marijuana because she had just smoked a blunt at home, and was subsequently arrested after a search of her vehicle turned up a baggie of methamphetamine crystals, was sentenced to probation time recently in Red Willow County District Court. The woman, 32-year-old Jessica D. Cruz of 27 South Street, received an 18 month probation sentence during a Jan. 9, 2017, sentencing hearing...
Second police chase yields probation (Local News ~ 01/31/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- A McCook man sentenced to prison time in 2014 for leading police on a high speed chase in a stolen vehicle was back in Red Willow County District Court earlier this month facing sentencing on similar charges. The man, 25-year-old Nicholas R. ...
Rough landing for Montana pilot (Local News ~ 01/31/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- A single engine airplane had a mishap while landing at McCook Ben Nelson Regional Airport Saturday afternoon. Airport officials said the small aircraft came in with "wind issues" and pushed off to the left of the runway shortly after touching down, making contact with a taxiing sign and two runway lights. No one was injured as a result...
The nature of the beast (Opinion Column ~ 01/27/17)
When I was a first-year Ph.D. Student in Sociology at Oklahoma State University, I was taking a criminology class and the professor asked the class why man is still so violent and reactionary after thousands of years of socialization not to be. I replied that it was the nature of the beast and a second-year student laughed at my response. ...
Scammers finding new route to theft of taxpayer identity (Editorial ~ 01/27/17)
A "phishing" scam reportedly played a part in this year's election by exposing thousands of internal Democratic National Committee emails to public scrutiny. The actual results are debatable, but there is no question that identity theft will be devastating to individuals. Even after you find out your identity has been compromised and take the proper steps, "you have a new hobby," according to one famous financial adviser...
New police uniforms help prevent back injuries (Local News ~ 01/26/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- City of McCook Police Officers are sporting a new look they hope will reduce the potential for lower back injuries, as well as help maintain a professional public image. The change primarily pertains to an external protective vest carrier, intended to get weight from carried equipment off an officer's belt and cut the risk of lower back injuries. The protective vests were previously worn under a McCook officer's uniform shirt...
Bill would deter theft from cars (Local News ~ 01/25/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- The City of McCook Police Department teamed up with District 44 State Sen. Dan Hughes to develop legislation which could provide law enforcement officers with another tool to combat theft rings targeting vehicle contents. During Tuesday's Coffee with a Cop meeting at the Bieroc Cafe, Chief of Police Isaac Brown said he was grateful for Sen. ...
Eighteen amendments, 667 bills introduced (Opinion Column ~ 01/24/17)
Wednesday, Jan. 18 was the last day to introduce legislation. There were 667 bills and eighteen Constitutional Amendment's introduced this year. I introduced 11 bills on various topics related to District 44. The entire list of introduced bills are on the Legislature's website (www.nebraskalegislature.gov). ...
Despots of World War II -- Benito Mussolini (Column ~ 01/23/17)
During World War II the American people received a healthy dose of propaganda, from the Axis Powers, who were our enemy. We also got a lot of propaganda from our own government, about the Axis Powers, to be sure that we were constantly apprised about our enemy and why we should be fighting against the Powers of Evil. After the war, when the War Crimes trials were held, we found out just how bad the leaders of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperialist Japan really were...
Slick bricks (Local News ~ 01/18/17)
Amos Moses trots across bricks that wear a cold, ghostly image of ice after freezing rain fell in McCook Sunday and Monday. The City of McCook spread salt on the downtown area's brick streets starting mid-morning Sunday, and Nebraska Department of Roads trucks sprayed deicer the state highways. ...
Better safe than sorry when it comes to storms (Editorial ~ 01/17/17)
Winter Storm Jupiter (the Weather Channel's name) turned out to be somewhat of a bust in McCook, but there were scattered power outages in the area and a few non-injury accidents reported around McCook. The latter is probably true because many businesses, including the Gazette, chose to close their doors Monday rather than risk the safety of their employees and customers on the icy streets and highways. ...
Early starts help keep roads safe (Local News ~ 01/17/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- Streets and highways of solid ice and the very real possibility of slippin' and slidin' convinced many drivers to stay home during the worst of the ice storm that gripped Southwest Nebraska Sunday and Monday. Spokesmen for the City of McCook and the Nebraska Department of Roads echoed each other this morning, saying they appreciated drivers staying off the streets and highways when they were so slippery and unsafe...
The great McCook cat fight of 1967 (Column ~ 01/16/17)
Lately there have been reports that feral cats in the vicinity of Brookdale Retirement Community have become more and more numerous, and some of the residents have become concerned that these cats might soon pose a problem. Thus the following story of a cat problem we had here in McCook in the 1960s. From Gazette archives...
Sheriff seeks return of stolen tools scattered on road (Local News ~ 01/11/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- Red Willow County sheriff's officers are asking the public's assistance in recovering tools stolen in a burglary at Ag Valley Co-Op in Bartley Tuesday morning. Sheriff Alan Kotschwar said this morning that a suspect is in custody and the investigation continues into the incident...
The day the capital city stood still (Column ~ 01/09/17)
(Recently there was a story on TV about a town in one of the eastern states, that was virtually shut down by a freak, drizzly rain turned ice, which turned streets and sidewalks into sheets of ice. It was like a time, just after WW II, when a similar situation occurred in Lincoln, Neb.)...
On the record (Other Records ~ 01/09/17)
This information is gathered at the McCook Public Safety Center, the McCook office of the Nebraska State Patrol, the Red Willow County Courthouse, the Red Willow County Sheriff's Office and the McCook Humane Society. Police activity Activity log...
Rescue effort (Local News ~ 01/06/17)
From a ladder extended from the city's largest fire truck, McCook firefighters try to rescue a dog who fell through the ice on a pond in Barnett Park about 12:40 p.m., Thursday. The dog's owner fell through the ice as he tried to save the dog, but he was able to get himself out of the water, according to McCook Fire Department firefighter/paramedic Steve Renner. ...
Amtrak plans approved (Local News ~ 01/04/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- Amtrak received city approval last night to make a variety of improvements to the train station on East A Street in downtown McCook. The rail service plans to make ADA and parking lot upgrades, as well as storm water drainage improvements to the area which would require cutting into the pavement at the intersection of A Street and Norris Avenue. ...
Donor locked into thrift store (Local News ~ 01/03/17)
McCOOK, Neb. -- It was a matter of a good heart and bad timing that a man got locked in at the lower-level Helping Hand thrift store in downtown McCook on Monday afternoon. McCook Police Chief Ike Brown said the gentleman dropped off his donation at a time when Helping Hand staff wasn't aware he was there, and they locked the ground-floor exterior doors on their way out...
Possible litigation, Amtrak construction on agenda for City Council on Tuesday (Local News ~ 12/30/16)
McCOOK, Neb. -- City leaders will consider entering executive session Tuesday evening to discuss a legal dispute with a former McCook police dispatcher and officer. "An executive session may be held for the protection of the public interest for a strategy session with respect to litigation with Howard W. ...
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