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Friday, Feb. 24, 2017

Good Neigh-bear Award

If we've heard it once, we've heard it a thousand times. "What makes Southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas so special is the people." The McCook Daily Gazette and Linda Maiden State Farm Insurance are teaming up to provide well-deserved recognition to some of those special people who do so much to improve the quality of life for the residents of this area.

The "Good Neigh-bear Award" will acknowledge a Gazette-land resident who has done something special to help out friends, neighbors, and even strangers without expecting anything in return.

We all know them. The guy who helped you jump-start your car on those sub-zero mornings. The neighbor who bothered to get your water turned off when your sprinkler system leaked during your vacation. Or what about the lady who keeps you and the entire neighborhood in cucumbers and tomatoes all summer long?

Those are the type of extraordinary people who are all so common in Southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas. Linda Maiden State Farm Insurance wanted to recognize those people, and she asked the Gazette to partner with her business to do it.

The award winner will be chosen from nominations received. Nominators will be asked to designate a charity and Linda Maiden State Farm Insurance will make a donation to the charity of choice in honor of the winner.

Name of Nominee:

Address of Nominee:

Phone Number of Nominee:

Email of Nominee:
If known

Briefly describe why you believe this person is a "Good Neigh-bear":

Charity of Choice:
A donation to this Charity will be made by Linda Maiden State Farm Insurance in the name of the nominee if he/she is chosen for the Award

Charity Address:
We need an address in order to send a donation.

Submitted by:

Address of Submitter:

Phone Number of Submitter:

Email of Submitter:
So we can send you a confirmation email.

Questions can be directed to Linda Maiden or Teri Turcotte at Linda Maiden State Farm Insurance

(308) 345-6482
or email

Nomination forms can be snail-mailed to:
Linda Maiden State Farm Insurance
802 West B Ste 101
McCook, NE 69001