McCook Exotic Bird and Animal Auction

McCook Exotic Bird and Animal Auction

Exotic animal means any animal which is not commonly sold through licensed livestock auction markets pursuant to the Livestock Auction Market Act. Such animals shall include, but not be limited to, miniature cattle (bovine), miniature horses, miniature donkeys, sheep (ovine), goats (caprine), alpacas (camelid), llamas (camelid), pot-bellied pigs (porcine), and small mammals, with the exception of cats of the Felis Domesticus species and dogs of the Canis Familiaris species. The term also includes birds and poultry. Does not include beef and dairy cattle, calves, swine, bison, or domesticated cervine animals;

Red Willow County Fairgrounds, Kiplinger Arena, West 5th Street, McCook, NE. 9:30 AM Central Time Follow us on Facebook at “McCook Exotic Bird and Animal Auction”

Commission: 15% Auction.

10% if your total sales of items consigned reaches $1000.00

No Sale Fee of $10.00 per cage/animal

Admission: FREE

Consignments: Saturday October 13th 3:00 PM – 7:30 PM CT

Sunday October 14th 7:00 AM- 9:30 AM CT

More Information on Consignments Call:

Justin- 308-883-1462 or Les- 308-737-7307

Sale: Two Rings- bring a friend

9:30 AM Equipment (Tack and Hoof stock to follow)

10:30 AM Warm-Room (Poultry Ring to Follow)

Concessions: Fatty McGill’s

IN STATE CONSIGNMENT- Nlamas, alpaca, emu, house birds, baby chicks and more..ebraska residents will need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection on all hoof stock consigned at the sale. Scrapie tags must be present on sheep and goats. Coggin



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