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Every story starts with a...

Posted Friday, November 9, 2007, at 7:07 AM

Question. Whether big or small, a question is always on someone's lips regardless of the story. Where did you get that scar? Have you ever seen a mountain lion? Did it hurt?

I get questions about my adventure, occasionally, from friends and family. I'm sure a good deal more people have a good deal more questions but hardly know where to begin as the topic is quite enormous. Most of the questions are extremely vague like: Is China really different?

I try to stifle my laughter.

The thing that people are most afraid of when traveling to a different face of the planet is change. To leave the warm security blanket that is your home country and to travel to some other locale where the only words of your language the residents speak are "Hello," and "Bye Bye." It's a daunting task to say the least and I respect everyone's apprehension for just jumping into the fray without a care in the world.

However, I did just that.

It was one of those days during the summer where I didn't have much to do. It was a summer where questions hung over me like a personal gloomy day. Big questions, too. Questions like: Should I continue my college education. If yes, then should I continue at my old school? Which is more advantageous. How can I refrain from fu..*ahem* fudging things up? At first, I wanted to go to a different college. The theater program in my previous college was starting to become rather anemic and I wasn't happy with my performance or the college's. I needed something different. I needed change.

One of my dreams has always been to travel to Japan. I'd always wanted to teach English there after I got my degree but I knew that I had to wait a few years before I could do it. Problem is, I had no inclination to.

So a crazy idea struck me like a lightning bolt strikes the stray golfer in a thunder storm. I have an A.A. -- I've done some minor teaching -- Why not make up a mock resume just for kicks and send it to a few random schools asking if I would be qualified?

Of course, as I searched, I realized that most places required a Bachelor's degree. Not a specific degree, mind you, but just a random degree. I could have even been a Philosophy major.

Still un-phased, I made a mockumentary type resume with my elite photoshop skillz and sent about 10-20 applications fully expecting to get laughed at with my meager qualifications.

2 days later I received an email saying that a man wanted to call me for an over-the-phone interview.

So let me get this straight. I'm going to be having an interview over the phone with a dude calling from China. The dude also has a British accent which I have enormous amounts of trouble understanding.

Well, if I don't get the job at least it's an interesting story to tell people. If they'll believe me.

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Lions and Tigers and Bears! O, MY!

lol! - Only you...


The Gods may only be testing you, grasshopper, but then again, the weighty doors to a higher destiny, your higher destiny, may be creaking open, NOW!!!

What is that great commandment, most commonly broken - bar none?


"Fear not"

GO FOR THE GUSTO, Nate - I 'believe' you'd be great!

-- Posted by doreenparsons on Tue, Nov 13, 2007, at 4:32 PM

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