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Living Abroad
Posted Saturday, June 4, at 10:27 PM
Version 1.0 Hotels in China are always of a curious sort. You can stay in travel hostels, personal homes, chain hotels like the "7DaysInn" and of course the "5 star hotels." The travel hostels are probably the most identical to what we experience in the west. ...

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Moungar 423...my new business in China.
Posted Saturday, October 24, at 2:04 AM

There are all sorts of reasons to be in China, whether you're visiting, living here permanently or simply investigating it for future uses. I'm one of those that have finished investigating and have moved on to the problem of how to make a decent living here. I've seen 60 year old English teachers but I don't really have a retirement plan as I'm quite a bit younger than that. This leaves me with the problem of...how to live in China while not teaching?...

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How I made 5000RMB in One Day
Posted Friday, April 24, at 6:19 AM

My last two articles were about gaming although in the modern, digital sense but what about traditional gaming in China? Nearly every street I walk down is full of people playing games. It's not rare to see teachers gambling away large portions of their paychecks playing majiang; students slapping cards down on a chair that is being used as a make-shift table; old men click-clacking away as they strike their opponents' piece in Chinese Chess. ...

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The Red Curtain
Posted Tuesday, April 14, at 6:37 AM

Game manufacturing and game development in China is beginning to become a huge business. With the amount of people in China combined with their seemingly natural attraction towards games, the influence that China might have on the future of gaming could be massive. However, there's one large thing holding this massive chain of events back, the Chinese government...

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The Viper That Bit Me: China's Gaming
Posted Monday, March 30, at 2:18 AM

There is one thing that has made a huge impact within the past 20 years. It's called gaming. Most of you have heard of it in one fashion or another. When I lived in The States 2 years ago, I was 'a gamer' - a trendy little label placed on nearly anyone who liked to play those sorts of childish things. Over time, gaming has grown to be a lot more socially accepted but total integration is still quite a ways away...

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Chinglish Is #1
Posted Sunday, March 15, at 4:14 AM

Every region eventually develops their own dialect. New slang words or phrases seemingly pop up out of thin air and language becomes a living, breathing entity; Always changing, Darwinism in your inner ear. So, it's no surprise that each part of the world has their own version of English as well. It's often wrong, or direct translations from their language. It makes sense to them. Here are a few examples of what I've personally seen...

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Welcome to the Last Day of Your Life
Posted Thursday, March 12, at 1:23 AM

Part I Getting off the plain in Changsha airport, I felt pretty numb. Traveling through 3-4 airports on your way to a different country is a bit strange. Airports are by and large very similar to one another and sometimes you don't feel the change hit you until you step outside of the segregated airport culture. This wasn't so in Changsha...

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Dragon Air: Not exactly Paradise on Wings
Posted Thursday, March 5, at 5:43 AM

I think a lot of people only hear about China from movies or tv shows much like India or Africa. The western world tends to feign interest in an entire other society but really just picks up bits and pieces which are extrapolated and then blown up to massive proportions in movies such as Kung Fu. This can be illustrated from the various Americans who ask my cousin's African husband whether he hunts tigers and lives in trees when he visits Africa...

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What I'm Missin'
Posted Wednesday, August 27, at 7:02 PM

It's been a fun vacation in the ol' US of A. On September 1st, I leave my quiet, small town retreat to go back to the Communist Regime that I now call my 2nd home. This brings a variety of feelings from elation to sorrow. I have a lot of history in this place and I'm always deeply sad to see it go but find that the thrill of adventure consoles my phantom limbs slightly...

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Was it all just a dream?
Posted Thursday, August 14, at 3:10 PM

As some of you have already noticed, I am back for the Summer. I got back from the 22 hour flight that went from Changsha, Hunan (China) to Hong Kong where I stayed overnight in a hostel. From there I flew from Hong Kong to Vancouver to Denver to Omaha...

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Jenga Blocks Have a Funny Way of Falling
Posted Tuesday, May 27, at 5:41 AM

Nate James is a local from McCook currently teaching English to college students in China. How did he wind up with such a crazy job exactly? Dazed, confused and yet oddly satisfied with his current surroundings - he continues to trod along through a series of miscommunications and broken egg shells. This blog is about fresh experiences, and new places while he attempts an Orient oriented orientation...

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Orient-ation - Foodies Part II
Posted Saturday, April 12, at 11:39 PM

See Part I, If you haven't already. China has its own eating culture which is very different from our own. In some cases it's better and in some cases it's worse. For example: Imagine you and your special someone decide to go out to dinner. You both swagger in, take a seat, and order your favorite dish...

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Orient-ation - Foodies Part I
Posted Saturday, April 12, at 5:42 AM

I updated my blog a week or two ago but through a fault of my own I deleted it. Much angst was directed towards blogging in general. I pouted and stamped my feet for a while; ultimately directing hatred towards the blog-o-shere Gods. Unfortunately my celestial benefactors here only listen to hatin' in Chinese. Sigh. So much for being gangsta...

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There was a Time
Posted Wednesday, February 27, at 4:56 AM

I've noticed that my name has dropped to the bottom of the blog list. That's usually my time to write a new article so I can feel like a WINNER! "There was a time..." - If you can name the actor who said this quote you will get 1000 blog points. (Movie Reviewers at the McCook Gazette need not apply)...

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Being Waldo in the Yellow Sea
Posted Saturday, February 16, at 8:59 PM

"Can I touch your nose?" Yes, this is just one of the exciting questions I've received since moving to this crazy land of communism. Who the heck asks that question, anyway? This question was asked just moments before my nasal phallus was assaulted by an attractive hip-hop looking Asian woman. ...

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Every story starts with a...
Posted Friday, November 9, at 7:07 AM

Question. Whether big or small, a question is always on someone's lips regardless of the story. Where did you get that scar? Have you ever seen a mountain lion? Did it hurt? I get questions about my adventure, occasionally, from friends and family. I'm sure a good deal more people have a good deal more questions but hardly know where to begin as the topic is quite enormous. Most of the questions are extremely vague like: Is China really different?...

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A New Type of Blog
Posted Thursday, September 27, at 8:55 PM

I apologize for my long departure, dear readers. I took upon myself a quest which seemed to take longer than I thought. The task of writing about this quest also seemed daunting beyond belief but I've decided that it's time to put up or shut up. Within the past month I've experienced a lot of firsts...

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The Seemingly Humble Pauper
Posted Monday, August 13, at 9:29 PM

A message to anyone who dislikes cluttered blogs: Stop Reading. I think the theme for this week is: humility. Don't be mislead. I'm not speaking of my own or yours. Rather, I'm speaking of the media. I think we're all astute enough to sense how a director or company of a television show or movie feels about themselves or their work. ...

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Lunacy Limbo Part I
Posted Tuesday, July 31, at 12:13 AM

That's right, you heard me. It's now time for that new smashing hit Lunatic Limbo! (click the "Lunacy Limbo Part I" link for a larger picture) For those of you unfamiliar with Lunatic Limbo: First off, shame on you. LL is a tiny blog spot where eccentric acts, trends, sights or events are showcased in order to bring them to local attention...

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Posted Friday, July 27, at 12:16 PM

I must apologize ahead of time for the long blog. Feel free to read it in bite size segments if that suits you. I'm gonna throw out a few words at you: reinvent redesign recollect What do these words really mean to hardware developers? What do they mean to us as consumers?...

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