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Disguised + Being a Lucky S.A.

Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2012, at 10:23 AM

Birthday Boy
12/12/12 - It was a year ago today The Blaze was born. The picture of him shown above makes him look so sweet and innocent don't you think? He is totally in disguise. The reality of The Blaze is he's 95 pounds of wildly energetic puppy. Oh sure, he has his moments of nicety, but the majority of the time he likes testing my patience.

Happy Birthday Blaze!

Now on to being an S.A.

Some time ago Margie and I came up with a term of endearment around our place... S.A. The two letters are pronounced separately and stand for Stupid A$$. The "term" gets thrown around whenever one of us does something obviously stupid.

It is now my turn to be the S.A. at our place. Yesterday the UPS guy showed up with a nice new all steel Jeep bumper. I'm not sure if many folks around here know it, but Jeeps are the most modified vehicles in the world, and for those of us Jeepers that like to get off-road, some modifications are a good idea since some of the stuff the manufacturer uses is barely suitable for street use, let alone bashing on rocks... but I digress.

While moving the 66 pound bumper into the shop, it slipped out of my hands and landed squarely on my big toe. S.A.!!!!! OUCH!!! Trip to the E.R.

I got to meet some of the nicest folks at Cambridge Memorial Hospital last night. Compared to a big city hospital E.R., my first experience with Cambridge E.R. was nothing short of positive. They didn't make fun of me for being an S.A. and as it turns out, I was lucky and only broke the tip of the bone off.

Guess I'm going to be reminded for a couple weeks about how much of an S.A. I was, but it looks like I won't need surgery to pin the broken piece back on.

I guess it's pretty good to be a lucky S.A.

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Happy Birthday Blaze.

Happy Anniversary to you and the Margie, Brian (you have survived your first year of ""Puppy.""

Don't kick the dog with that toe, as you will be the loser. Big-Grin (^8

-- Posted by Navyblue on Thu, Dec 13, 2012, at 9:20 PM

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