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4x4 Attack

Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2012, at 9:48 PM

Pinpoint knows about Blaze!
It's hard to believe that even one of the regions largest companies knows about Blaze and wants you to know too...

In the movie "Walking Tall" and I understand in real life, sheriff Buford Pusser cleaned up his town by using a hickory 4x4 club as his weapon of choice. Other than the size of the club and the way it was used, today's blog and Buford and the movie have nothing in common.

It was a beautiful evening in Cambridge. It was close to 7:30 and I was "playing" with our 5 month old Golden Retriever Blaze. Now I've mentioned before Blaze' speed and the fact that he is growing exceptionally quickly to our way of thinking. At 5 months he weighs in at 60 lbs and wears a size 12 shoe... OK I made up that last part. Well, I'm here to tell ya that #!&t happens now and then and it happened to me on a lovely Nebraska evening.

I should know better really, playing zig and zag has to have very strict rules. You see in Blaze' and my game of zig and zag, we chase each other head on at high speed, Blaze zigs, I zig, then Blaze zaggs around me. To shorten the story just slightly, Blaze zigged, I zigged, but Blaze didn't zag and I can tell you from first hand experience that a 60 lb "puppy" moving at high speed into an object moving in the opposite direction creates a pretty good crash dummy impact upon collision. Not exactly like getting hit by Buford and his club, but Blaze is a 4x4 of sorts, and significant damage was done.

To shorten the story much more, I'd like to thank Dr. Dean Cope DDS in Cambridge for his out of hours response to my emergency and extracting my broken teeth.

I don't really suppose Pinpoint knows anything at all about my Blaze and they have some service offering called Blaze. I just like the sign considering the circumstances.

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