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Posted Monday, February 6, 2012, at 6:19 AM

Crowley Lake, California - One of our favorite RV camping locations
www.rv-camping.org is an informational website devoted entirely to RV camping. The reason I bring this up is it's my shameless self-promoting blog about a new Nebraska business. I may get in trouble with the Gazette, but what the heck... nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Recreational camping is something Margie and I know quite a bit about. We lived and traveled full time in a 36' class A motor home for 5 years before we bought the farm(stead). Before we moved into a large RV, we tent camped, wore out two towable pop-up campers, and had one slide in truck camper. Every weekend would find us in the Colorado mountains camping, and over the years we have become good at locating places to camp many folks don't think about.

Camping is emerging more and more as a great way for a family to take a vacation without breaking the bank. With the price of motels and restaurants, a family of 4 can easily spend over $200 a night in many destination locations. Camping is one way to mitigate those expenses for a growing number of folks nationwide.

That's where www.rv-camping.org comes in. This website provides access to every states public and private camping locations. Most folks know about camping in state and national parks, many know there are campgrounds provided by the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, but most campers don't know that many state and national wildlife areas allow dispersed camping. The Bureau of Reclamation has some recreation opportunities in some states. US Army Corp of Engineers has numerous facilities. Some states have large tracts of state owned land available for camping, and then there are state forests, community parks, and even town provided camping. www.rv-camping has the information listed state by state to make it easy to find a place to go camping.

Starting right here at home, we've partnered with the town of Cambridge to provide the towns official camping information page. The Cambridge City RV Park provides free information about the city owned RV park, costs the town nothing, and provides information on a web site that is devoted to folks looking for the specific camping information provided. We're just getting started too... Brush, Colorado also uses www.rv-camping.org as their official campground information page.

During the course of its development, www.rv-camping.org has become the #1 Internet search engine result for RV camping. We're growing and ask that you keep us in mind the next time you think about a camping trip. You might get an idea you hadn't thought about.

I notice McCook wants to be "The Go To City of Southwest Nebraska"... drop me a line and let's partner that great free Karrer city RV park so RVers can figure out where to actually go.

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