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Christmas Is Different Here

Posted Friday, December 23, 2011, at 9:19 AM

It's true, Christmas is different here in SW Nebraska. Most folks around here are not pushy in the stores, genuinely smile when your eyes meet, and once you get a few miles outside of McCook, just about everybody driving down the road will give you that one finger wave we seem to be good at. OK, so we wave when it's not Christmas too, but the point is people act differently here towards each other than in most other places I've been, and Christmas seems to make it even more notable.

The sad thing is that there are some folks out there that are having really tough times. We read about the number of poor rising in this country, but most probably don't think much about the people behind the numbers.

Here in Cambridge, there are kids that don't get enough to eat. There are programs to help, and a food pantry stocked with food. Problem I've heard is that the stigma from using these programs and services around here forces folks to go to other towns for assistance, or not seek help at all.

You don't suppose that stigma could be because of the attitude of many of those that don't need the help do you? What is your first thought when you think "assistance"? Do you think freeloader, or do you consider the situation at all. If you read the Gazette blog sections, you can easily see why folks around here might think anyone needing assistance is a freeloader.

We hear of fund raising benefits all the time in this area to help someone with a devastating disease or the victim of an accident. Folks turn out for these events, but the underlying need doesn't go away after the food is gone. Even if that benefit earned $10,000, and I bet few of them do, it's a drop in the medical expense bucket when serious health issues arise.

A really sad fact... 1 in 45 kids in the USA experience homelessness every year... http://www.familyhomelessness.org/childr...

As we move into a new year, I hope we can all carry the Spirit of Christmas with us in a new found way. That we don't look down our nose at those in need, but offer a helping hand whenever we can. There is a lot of need, and you can help someone somehow.

Without Easter, there would be no Christmas, so Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Excellent video, for this season of focus, on Jesus, as our focus should be. When we help, the 'least of His Brethren,' we help Him, and by doing so, accumulate treasure, in Heaven.

Merry Christmas, to you, and yours.

Keep the Watch, as our Redemption does draw nigh.

Soon, there will be no poor, no pain, no sickness, Sin, nor WAR.

We are so close, I think I have a case of 'Channel Fever' (case of nervousness, when headed for Home-Port, and family).

-- Posted by Navyblue on Fri, Dec 23, 2011, at 7:36 PM

Brian; Good post, I would like to take this opportunity to give to you as honest as I can be without bias of my experience of feeding the homeless. I'm sure there are people who are uninformed of the programs out there that will help with feeding the homless in America. My wife before she died of cancver in 1999 wanted to help feed the homeles for thankgiving, we gave up our Thankgiving that consisted of twenty to thirty five friends and relatives to help this program.

There were number#1 more volenteers than homeless, and the homeless were questionable, it looked like they were freeloaders looking for a free meal. I without a doupt would never give up another thankgiving with friends and loved ones to feed the so called homeless.

Sam once said, you show me someone in America who is hungry and I will help feed them, or something to this affect, I stand by this also. If there is not a program out there that will not help feed the poor let me know, and I will find it within my heart to help.

All-so the HAs here in Oakland have a very good program to give toys to the tots that I have supported and rode with.

-- Posted by Keda46 on Thu, Dec 29, 2011, at 10:26 PM

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