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That's Why!

Posted Monday, May 16, 2011, at 9:14 AM

A question posed on one of the Gazettes other blogger comments section got me to thinking about my blogging career. That question... "Why does a blogger blog"? I can speak only for myself, so here goes...

My first blog (http://campsite-search.blogspot.com) is still online as a reference and there is some pretty good information if I do say so myself about RVing, public lands, full time RV living, and how to find great places to camp away from the crowd.

Why I started the blog was purely financial. It was my hope that the blog would improve the visibility of my web site, and I think it accomplished that goal. Though there have been no new blog entries for over 2 years, my web site still gets numerous visits every month directly from the blog.

When we bought the farm(stead), I decided to continue writing a blog because I discovered I like to write and share information from my RVing days. Being a newcomer in a somewhat declining population region, I thought might offer a new perspective about moving into the area, so a blog about what happened on a nearly daily basis started.

I bet the early followers of The City Slickers wondered where the blog would go. I know I did. In fact, my very first blog, probably seen by only one or two current blog readers was titled "What Was Brian Thinking?". Well, to this day, I'm pretty sure Margie still wonders when it's time to re-start the annual weed war.

I enjoy writing a blog. It has given me the chance to share what an outsider sees around the "hood". I don't get a chance to debate with folks much, and I've had the opportunity to voice my side of a topic or two that are important to me, and take the heat for it. I've learned, and I hope I've enlightened a few folks about various things... like if you are a business person and post your email address online, you better check your email because some people will go elsewhere if you don't.

As a blogger, I can go pretty much wherever I want now. I still like to share some of my daily exploits around what has become the best place in the world to us. I get to vent when things bother me, and try and stir up the pot now and then when I know I'm on the right side of an issue... OK, so I'm on the right side in my minds eye anyway.

So blogging can be self serving, sharing, informational, opinionated, crude, rude, or socially unacceptable. Come to think of it, I believe I've brushed up against all those. I've learned a lot from readers, and I hope I've opened an eye or two myself.

That's why I blog, I just wish I got paid.

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I blog therefore I am...

With that typed with a little bit of a wink, you hit the nail on the head, Brian. We blog because we enjoy it.

I get more feedback from my family and friends than ever gets posted in the comment section. That is okay by me. I write because it is something I need to do. The blog allows me the freedom to write what I know. My blog is what I want to write and I have to answer to myself.

I figure this is as close as I will ever be to be a 'legit' wordsmith. I am glad for the opportunity. Because in a sense, I am utilizing some of the skills I went to college for back in the day. I am utilizing the skills that my teachers encouraged me to do starting back in the 1970's.

While my professional life has taken me on an adventure or two, the blog allows me a sense of purpose in the world of words. Others may paint, craft, or scrapbook.

I blog therefore I am...


-- Posted by coolidge on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 8:07 PM

Would you cheapen your day with pay??

To that, fool, I say No Way.

Heartfelt must have a price that's free,

or your couldn't sell a thing to me.

I share my gift of banter and time,

offering things that sometime rhyme;

Praising God, the only one,

Doing that is so much fun.

Perhaps we may reach a broken heart,

Or a person's Blah's, a Jump-start;

To Rev-away their mortal pain,

as on Life's garden, we provide soft rain.

I know you do, that's why I read,

Every word that you put out as seed;

So, pat your self upon the back,

A readership, you'll never lack.

With Christian love, you have my name,

On your Wall, to your local Fame.


-- Posted by Navyblue on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 6:29 PM

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