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Congressional Agreement

Posted Monday, October 18, 2010, at 10:48 AM

Tony The Tiger?
Me, and more than just a few others around the area, have commented that congress is divided, gridlocked, and obstructionistic. Well I'm here to tell you today that it isn't so. Yep, our congress can get together now and then, and did so overwhelmingly on H.R. 1454.

So what is H.R. 1454 you may ask? It is the "Multinational Species Conservation Funds Semipostal Stamp Act of 2010" that the President signed into law September 10. H.R. 1454 has now become Public Law No: 111-241. It directs the US Postal Service to issue a special postage stamp for first-class mail that would cost participating customers at least 25 percent more than the regular rate. Any amounts collected from the special stamp (called a semipostal), after accounting for the Postal Service's administrative costs, would be transferred to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for expenditure on programs to support endangered species and must equally pass the funds on to the following...

  • African Elephant Conservation Fund
  • Asian Elephant Conservation Fund
  • Great Ape Conservation Fund
  • Marine Turtle Conservation Fund
  • Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund
  • Other international wildlife conservation funds authorized by the Congress

It should cost taxpayers less than a million bucks (Bill Budget Projection) for this new stamp to be printed, distributed, sold, and accounted for by the US Post Office... that same bunch that never operates in the black anyway, for an overwhelmingly foreign assortment of wildlife funds that seems to have little to do with the US Fish & Wildlife Service other than their responsibility to distribute the cash.

OK, so I fully recognize that wildlife worldwide is important. But from a marketing perspective, it seems that in a time of economic stalemate, putting a tiger on a US conservation stamp isn't very well thought out since most people buy decorative stamps for the picture on the stamp, and seldom for the cause.

This bill was so popular that it passed on a voice vote and no record was kept. It only took a year and 1/2 to get the whole thing passed! Now those congressmen and senators that "hammered out" this legislation should be proud that they can agree about elephants, tigers and turtles. OH MY!

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On the lighter side of anger:

There is an 'I' word, that has something to do with Mental Health, but seems to escape my echo-chamber churning's at the moment, but when I think of that 'I' word, I bet it is a fitting description of what is going on in Congress....hmmm seems to me it has something to do with netting minnows, that 'I' word.

Perhaps someone else will think of it. Ah,, I think I have it. Does 'Insanity' ring a bell??

I'm not too worried, though. I have an ACE in the Hole, but non-Christians don't like that word, so I won't say 'Rapture,' even if some one tortures me, I won't. No Sir, 'Rapture' will never cross my lips, on this page (my fingers are a tad more difficult to control, though).

Thanks Brian.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Tue, Oct 19, 2010, at 6:34 PM

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