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Points of View

Posted Tuesday, October 5, 2010, at 8:23 AM

A Different View From the Drivers Seat
The dry warm weather this fall has the farmers around my place in full attack mode. Yep, it's time to harvest some corn, and the farmers around me have been hard at it for several days now. After helping some with the corn harvest last year, I have a special appreciation for the work performed harvesting crops. It gets a bit tedious I bet staring down the corn rows from a combine day after day. I suppose it depends on your point of view.

Advancing up our road is a Pinpoint underground utility construction crew. Now I have experience doing some of the work this work crew is performing such as digging and splicing cables, as well as disrupting service. OK, so the Pinpoint backhoe didn't mean to hit the cable that serves our house, but things happen. Point is, the folks that repaired that cut cable spend their days in a hole, connecting multi colored wires all day. Not very exciting finding this wire to hook to that day in and day out from my point of view.

Today is Margie and my anniversary... sorta. Depending on your point of view that is, and to us this counts. It is the anniversary of our first date. We also call it our only date, but that's another story completely. Happy anniversary Margie! Sorry but I needed to fit that into this blog somewhere...

And finally, I offer a video that actually scares me. I've climbed phone poles and been up ladders, and have discovered after all these years, I'm afraid of the sudden stop that always accompanies falling. The following video is taken from a helmet mounted camera on a guy climbing a TV tower. Go full screen and enjoy the view from his point of view...

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