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Fair Day

Posted Tuesday, August 31, 2010, at 11:49 AM

Health Food At The Fair
Yesterday found me and Margie in Grand Island for a day at the Nebraska State Fair. Finding the new fair grounds is easy for anyone I would think, and there seems to be plenty of space for parking. We were directed to the north parking area and shortly after stopping were met by a new red tractor pulling a good sized trailer set up for passengers, and taken to the entrance gate.

There were plenty of folks (volunteers) available to answer questions, and these folks had a lot of information. Maps and schedules are readily available, but be warned... you need your walking shoes! One more warning before I forget, you need to watch out for electric golf carts. Perhaps because we were there early on Monday there were more than the usual amount of the quiet vehicles zipping around, but they were there, and I was concerned about watching out for them and my safety more than once.

The fairgrounds and facilities are really set up nicely in my opinion. I will also say it's a long way from the north end of the 4H building to the south end of the swine barn. Margie and I skipped the midway completely... we were worn out by the time we'd moseyed around most of the grounds. I wish I was with somebody that could explain what some of the stuff was we saw. Ag operations use some strange looking machines.

For those that love food, they likely have whatever tickles your taste buds. From hot beef sundaes to the "best burgers on the planet" (overstated advertising as far as I'm concerned but pretty darned good), you should have no trouble finding something fun to eat.

Other than the silent Kamikaze golf carts, my only other complaint was the open competition exibits were in a building that didn't seem to have any air conditioning, and it was hot in there. I would have spent more time enjoying the art, photographs, and other displays had it been more comfortable.

Upon deciding that our feet just didn't want to endure any more hot pavement, we headed back for the parking area. We were going to take the shuttle back to the parking lot, but ended up hoofing it. The temp was 96 in the shade, and by the way there isn't a lot of shade in the new fairgrounds just yet, the wind was howling at about 40 MPH from the south, and the red tractor shuttle was not in site.

A note about tractor colors...

It seems that the way the parking is arranged in the fairgrounds (at least on Monday), JD tractors are used to pull the shuttle trailers from the entry gates to the south parking lot, while IH/Case is used for the north lot. If it matters to you, now you know where to try and park.

All in all, we had a great day at the fair, and hope you get a chance to visit it for yourself.

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