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Hot Work

Posted Thursday, August 19, 2010, at 10:05 AM

Temperatures skyrocking into the 90's and beyond run most of us into air conditioned comfort, but what about those that can't escape the heat?

In the news today... Elvis is leaving the building - translation: The last American combat brigade based in Iraq has left the country. Those troops that have had to endure what to me sounds like unbearable heat are heading again into harms way, but in a cooler climate. (Too bad 50,000 non combat troops remain in Iraq) Average July and August high temperatures in Iraq exceed 120, and I complain about 95 here. Okay, so in Iraq, it's a "dry heat"...

Progress never ends is seems, and part of progress seems to be construction in many cases. The last three days I've watched a crew of concrete workers scurrying around, waisting no time as far as I can see, pouring a building pad, sidewalks, driveway, and landscape the whole works. Thing is, it's hot again, with temps pushing 100, and no shade to hide in for the concrete guys... and it's not a "dry heat".

And one final example of a real hot job off the top of my head... how would you like to spend the day on a highway paving crew? Did you know that asphalt first hits the ground at about 300 degrees? Add a 100 degree sunny day and the equipment operators must feel like being in a double oven.

Oh, and to answer the very first sentence of this blog, I suppose you get used to it somehow.

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