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Posted Thursday, April 29, 2010, at 8:22 AM

In Search Of...
I've been working around the farm(stead)s house the last few months quite a bit. I've been adding insulation and finishing our mud room for one thing, and part of that project included installing thin tongue and groove boards for the ceiling. To do this, the easy way would be to use an air or electric pin nailer and that's what I did.

What makes this story even the slightest bit interesting is that the nailer I used and am still using for all kinds of projects hasn't been made in years. With the old discontinued nailer, you might imagine that the nails for the nailer just could be a tad bit difficult to find.

Step back I have no idea how many years... My dad has a project of some kind and needs an electric nail gun. At that time, a company called Swingline made staplers and nailers of all kinds, and they manufactured this slick nailer that dad bought. Now I have no idea what dad's project was or how old this thing is as I inherited it, but it works great. I tried out the nailer for the first time on some scrap wood pieces I had laying around, and it has an amazing amount of power to drive the odd size nails it requires.

Now this nailer was built long before all the safety gizmo's were required, so an idiot could actually hurt themselves with this device, but with reasonable diligence, it can be operated safely. The original box my dad had saved the nailer in all these years had a partial box of nails, but I knew that there were not going to be enough for my mud room project, so off to a source for finding everything... the Internet!

I Googled, I Binged, and I Yahoo!ed with absolutely no success except to find a 2001 forum post from a guy asking if anyone knew where he could find these nails. No luck. So I'm thinking... I'll go ahead and use up my supply of nails, and perhaps the folks at Lord's in Indianola will have something that the nailer could use. (Very wishful thinking!)

I walk into Lord's and the always helpful staff asks what I'm looking for? I show my original package of nails and off we head to the electric nailer nail area of the store. If you have never been to Lord's, I recommend the trip, just to see what they have... if they don't have it, you likely don't need it really but I digress.

So once in the electric nailer nail section, things quickly look like my quest for nails for my inherited nailer will go on... well would you lookie there at the back of a shelf... an overflowing case of nails for my Swingline nailer! The clerk helping me said "I bet we haven't sold one of these in years". As it turned out, it appears Lord's has the worldwide market cornered on the nails my nailer requires.

I figured that I was going to be buying a new pin nailer and stumbled onto the mother lode of nailer nails I needed. Stuff like this still makes me think that me and Margie are here for a reason, now all we gotta figure out is what that reason is. I'm pretty sure it's not really about finding seemingly impossible to find nailer nails.

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The complete, owner operated independent hardware store, small farm town model is probably the last hope for humanity.

We're lucky to have one of those here.

Wes has been the Chamber of Commerce "Merchant of the Year," "Man of the Year" and everyone's savior at one time of the other.

Appears Lords hasn't lost a step in 52 years.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Fri, Apr 30, 2010, at 6:19 AM

Lord's Hardware is the most awesome store I've ever seen. Great store, great people...if it ever goes out of business, it will truly be time to mourn.

-- Posted by MrsSmith on Sun, May 2, 2010, at 10:29 AM

HerndonHank, I was awe-struck with Lords, in the 1940's. They had been in business for some period of years before that, as I understood, from my Grandfather. Perhaps, 52 years is a bit short,,,82 or 92, perhaps? However many years, the store, and the people are worthy of praise.

Lords is, was, and will be, the General Store, filling the 'almost' every need of the Homeowner.

Lord's could make a buck or three, simply having Tours, and charging admission; but they would never do that.

Lord's, almost as much fun to visit, as enjoying a swim in the sand-pits, just south of McCook (the sand-pits were easier to peddle to, and be home for dinner, on time).

Good article, Brian.

Well Said, MrsSmith.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Mon, May 3, 2010, at 5:32 PM

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