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Posted Tuesday, March 2, 2010, at 8:37 AM

This Is Your Life?
A great classic comedy film is called "The Long, Long, Trailer". This 1950's vintage movie was about a newly married couple (Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz) and their RV adventure. It was always going from bad to worse for the duo as they hauled a very large travel trailer over the mountains and through the woods.

Luci wanted to make the RV their home in the movie, and did everything she could think of to make the trailer just like a house. She planned on preparing dinner while driving down the road... with the expected hilarious outcome of stuff everywhere and Luci covered in flour. And of course part of having a home are mementos of travels and Luci decided she was going to collect rocks to place around the trailer when they got to a location they would be at for several months at a time.

Luci was good at it too. Big rocks, small rocks, rocks just about everywhere you could think of in a trailer. Only one problem... rocks are heavy and Luci didn't get the concept... that is until the pair got stuck in the mud, Desi found the rocks, and unloaded the trailer of all Luci's treasured rock collection without remorse.

Poor Luci. Her life was totally out of control. Everything she planned wasn't working anymore. What was important to her had little meaning to the people in her life, and as you might expect, our couple's honeymoon was not off to a good start at all. I can easily relate to Luci's feelings as I know, especially as we get older, that the things we accumulate can get to be pretty near and dear to most of us, and the rocks (metaphorically speaking) we collect during our lives are collected for a reason.

Margie and I went through a dramatic reduction of rocks when we sold our house and moved into our RV for 5 years. Margie had a pretty tough time getting rid of her rocks through our lifestyle transition so I guess I understand what folks have to go through when they have to make some difficult rock collection decisions in their "golden" years.

We all are gettin' older everyday. Old age is just around the corner and you and me will be faced with the rock dilemma sometime if you haven't faced it already. It's real easy when we look at another persons rock collection to see what has to go and stay, especially when the time comes that something has to change for the rock collector. So when the time comes in the future when you are doing your best to help the rock collector in your life, I hope you will keep in mind just how much that collection might mean to the collector. It's sure a lot more than a box of rocks to them.

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Clearing out a "loved one's rocks" has really been hard. But nice to relive the good memories or share a few laughs with my kids. I have promised myself, I will begin to "weed" out my personal rock collections one of these day. Thanks for this.

-- Posted by momof six on Mon, Mar 8, 2010, at 1:34 PM

Having to help clean out 40 years of "rocks" left behind by my husband's brother-in-law inspired us to clean out our own rocks once we got home. Easier to say good-bye and no guilt left behind for our youngun's to tote with them as they toted "rocks" to the rockpile! And it's easier to find what we need, since it isn't buried under a pile of rocks!

-- Posted by newdawn on Tue, Mar 2, 2010, at 3:09 PM

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