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Happy New Year!

Posted Saturday, January 2, 2010, at 8:06 AM

It's been pretty busy around the farm(stead) through the holidays. We had quite a pile of fire wood that needed splitting, so, being the lazy city folk we are, we searched for a power wood splitter. You know what? They don't grow on trees around here. I could buy one of course, but all I wanted to do was rent one for a day and the closest I found was in North Platte. If any of you know of a closer one for future reference, I'd love to hear about it!

This project was facilitated by the arrival of the Acme Automated Snow-Thrower and his son. Those of you following along these last couple years know about my endless energy father-in-law and his son, but for those that missed it, these two guys seem to love to work around the place. FIL loves to play with chain saws, and bro-in-law seems to be into manual labor no matter what it is.

Lucky us trying to keep up with the dynamic duo... which usually ends up with one or both of us out of commission for a few days after they leave strictly from exhaustion. Not really, but they work so hard around here it is impossible for us to keep up their pace.

To make a long story short, we got the splitter, worked up all the wood, cut down some more, and generally have a pretty good pile of wood stacked around the place. I think the Acme team had a pretty good time keeping busy, and we're thankful for their help around the place!

Most folks reading know I have a love of machines, and seeing the power of wood splitter is pretty impressive especially if you've ever worked a splitting maul. It still amazes me some of the stuff man has invented, and as a final note, I offer the following old time video from 1924 of a Fordson snow machine in action...

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