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Posted Wednesday, October 21, 2009, at 11:13 AM

There is one spot between Bartley and Indianola that has seen more than it's share of dispatched raccoons lately. That roadkill on our 6&34 drive to McCook the other day reminded me of a boyhood want that was never fulfilled. Fess Parker was the actors name that played the part of Daniel Boone in the TV series. In that show old Daniel wore a coonskin cap, and though I have no idea why I wanted one back then, the thought of one today just doesn't do it for me anymore. But it did get me to thinking about hats.

There are hat museums... http://www.thehatmuseum.com/, and then there are hats on display... http://www.montanahats.com/montanahats_0.... There are women's hats... http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com/category/... and men's hats... http://www.menshats.com/

Men's hats come with names like Fedora, Tweed, Kangol, Borsalino, and of course the famous Pork Pie. Maybe I should say famous to some when referring to the Pork Pie hat but that's another story...

Women's hats come with names like Cocktail, Pillbox, Cloche, and we must not forget the famous Topper. Again I should say famous to some.

Then there are cowboy hats and ball caps worn by both men and women as well as beanies, stocking caps, straw hats of all kinds and more I'm sure I've not thought of.

How you wear your hat is important too. Depending on where you are, wearing a ball cap backwards is in style, while other places people wonder what's wrong with the wearer under the cap. Of course, there is a way around that with one of those Sherlock Holmes style hats that can be worn just about any way, but I don't see many of them around.

As for me, I've worn a hat most of my life of one kind or another. My style choices have been pretty limited, though I was forced to wear a Fedora to church when I was a kid. I've worn cowboy hats, ball caps, and had a brief phase with New York Cabbie hats. With few exceptions, I like my old hats best. Other than in church, you seldom if ever will find me without a hat on.

A quote from the movie The Mask "We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking" could easily be extended to hats. For just about everything you do, there is someone that does it as a profession. Change your own vehicle oil? You are a lubrication technician. Take your kids for a hike? You are an environmental instructor. Look up information on the Internet? You are a research analyst. Hang pictures on the wall? You're a home decorator. The list could go on and on of the different hats we wear on a daily basis. Mike Rowe from the show Dirty Jobs knows a thing or two about wearing unfamiliar hats.

So next time you put your hat on, take a moment to reflect on those wearing hats that you won't or can't wear. I'm thankful there are those willing to wear the hats of law enforcement, military, medicine, science, theology...

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I am a classic movie fan, and always get a kick out of the hats men wore with business suits in the forties and fifties. Then there were the women's hats, fairly extravagant worn by ladies with their formal and semi-formal attire.

One of my favorite old movies, His Gal Friday, with Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, the hat that Miss Russell wears is huge, with a wild design.

I guess by the time the late fifties came around, and early sixties, men chucked wearing hats with business suits, and women stopped wearing hats all together.

When I was a suit and tie guy, and the end of the work day, there was no greater feeling than to take the tie off, and slap the baseball cap on.

My brother Don has always worn a cowboy hat, I doubt anyone would recognize him without one. Earlier this month, my folks were here from out of state to visit. We all sat down to eat, and my dad looks at me rather sternly, "Boy, you gonna eat with that hat on?"

"Sorry Pops, I forgot."

I agree that other than church, I pretty much have one on all the time.

Enjoyed the post. Thanks

-- Posted by sameldridge on Sun, Oct 25, 2009, at 3:55 PM

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