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Great Falls, Montana

Posted Thursday, September 10, 2009, at 9:54 PM

The Darkest Of Days In America
You know where you were, we happened to spend the night at a motel in Great Falls, Montana the night of September 10. Margie and I were on vacation and on our way to visit my parents in Washington state after spending a few days camping in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was really unusual for us to stay in a motel, but the Broncos were playing on Monday Night Football, and I wanted to watch the game.

I don't recall much about the game other than the Broncos beat the Giants, and Denver star receiver Ed McCaffrey got his leg broken during the game, but I sure won't ever forget the events of the next morning.

I know I'll shed tears on the anniversary of blackest of days in American history the rest of my life. The images of the horror of that day are, ... well... you know.

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This nation's tragedy after 9/11 is that after starting after the real perpetrators-- Asama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda organization along with their Taliban allies in Afghanistan -- we were diverted to a non-issue for us.

Clearly, eight years later, we cannot finance anything any politician proposes.

We cannot continued major involvement in Iraq and we cannot afford an extended ground war centered around the Pakistan/Afghan tribal regions.

Now Al Qaeda has dispersed globally and the Taliban have strengthened and are threatening both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

With Pakistan, there is an existing nuclear capability. Which means. like it or not, the rest of the world cannot let this tiny handful of extremists win this fight.

As with Germany's Nazi Third Reich, Russia's Stalinist dictatorship, Japan's jingoistic 1930s-1945 military controllers, Pol Pot, Addi Amin, Batista, the Somozas, Farouk and the present Sudanese rulers -- "innocents" are sacrificed without thought.

Just as the Taliban stole two fuel tankers drove them into civilian populations and invited everyone to "help themselves," knowing full well an air strike would destroy the tankers, gasoline and everything in the immediate area -- the people the civilized world is facing don't play by any rules -- except to cause as much damage to others -- all others -- as possible.

Our tragedy -- in order to prevent the Taliban and Al Qaeda from securing Pakistan's nuclear arsenal or growing strong enough to buy nuclear weapons from one of the former Soviet Union group, or elsewhere -- WE MUST DESTROY WHATEVER WE MUST to destroy these criminals.

It is that, or face destruction of civilization as we know it.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Fri, Sep 11, 2009, at 3:42 PM

I was at an early morning practice for marching band. I heard something about it in the next class but thought it was a joke. It was hearing my 3rd period teacher saying this is what happens when you piss someone off that I realized what was going on. Then the 4th class we goto move to a room where we could watch the news. I believe that was the same time the towers fell. It was just crazy what was happening.

-- Posted by npwinder on Fri, Sep 11, 2009, at 1:02 AM

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