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Mixed Fruit

Posted Wednesday, August 26, 2009, at 1:53 PM

In Advertising, Timing Is Important
First up, thanks to the green thumbs of northwest Furnas county! This summer we've been blessed with gifts of sweet corn, cucumbers, grapes, apples, onions, asparagus, and rhubarb. Our tomato plants took off, but we never got enough to give away, and I doubt the green thumbs would take any anyway as they all seem to be growing tomatoes too.

I've come to a conclusion about my war with the weeds. Weeds seem to be like terrorists. They sneak in when you are not looking, attack without warning, and are virtually impossible to get rid of completely. Just when you get a handle on one, another seems to jump right up and take it's place.

Today's blog title was inspired by our breakfast out at Fullers Family Restaurant in McCook yesterday. I was pawing through the jelly basket and there it was... Mixed Fruit jelly... my favorite. Anyway, it just kinda goes with today's ramblings as I'm all over the map, but I want to mention the cookie jar collection at Fullers. Every type and kind of cookie jar is represented I bet. From the jar that looks like the Lone Ranger and his horse Silver to John Deere tractor jars, everyone will find at least one cookie jar they like. And I understand there are hundreds more in a back room somewhere that get rotated into the collection now and then.

As a relative newcomer to the area, finding a place of business that we've not been to before can be a challenge now and then. Yesterday was no exception. Our appointment at 8am was on Old Highway 6. Now I ask you local McCook folks... is there a street sign for Old Highway 6? I've been there twice now and I can't find a sign. Look up the address on Google maps and it displays the name of the business with three different locations showing the Old Highway 6 address we were looking for at three different locations not close to where the actual Old Highway 6 road actually is. I also used a topo map program I've depended on to find remote back country areas to be very accurate, but where it showed Old Highway 6 in McCook was more like where Norris Park is. Good thing we asked our neighbors before we headed out. We almost drove right to the place. Mr business owner where ever you are... I don't know if there is a way to get Google Maps to get your address correctly mapped, but I recommend that you check to see that your business is properly mapped... it would sure help some of us technology nuts find our way to spend our money at your place of business.

More neighborly activity to mention too as our Jeep was saved from mower duty by a John Deere with a PTO mower. This year to try and save our mechanized assault vehicle (riding mower) from an early death, I decided to not mow the weeds on about an acre or so of ground we refer to as the "north 40", and I admit it was really starting to look like wilderness. My plan was to wait until after the weeds died and then drag a harrow type device through the area with the Jeep to knock the weeds back down. However, to my rescue came Don. Thanks Don! Sure looks a lot better up there now that you mowed for us.

And finally... the picture above just cracks me up for some reason. I think the seller is doing everything possible to take advantage of the buzz about Cash For Clunkers, and though I'm not too sure that clunker in the picture is worth much cash, I give 'em credit for great advertising timing.

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