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Frank And The Foreign Language

Posted Friday, July 10, 2009, at 9:36 AM

A while back I brought up the movie "Cars" and how much I enjoyed it. The one liner jokes, characters, and story line made for a very enjoyable movie in my opinion. One of my favorite parts of the movie involved tractor tipping and the combine Frank. See http://www.mccookgazette.com/blogs/hoag/... What brings this to mind is Margie's experience the other night.

As it turns out, we're your basically boring couple I suppose. Margie counted it up and it turns out in the last year and 1/2, we have gotten home after dark a whopping 4 times. Now Margie is up on me by one as she had an encounter with one of the Cars movie characters on her way home from a ladies social get-together in town the other night. Yep, Margie encountered Frank, or his cousin JD anyway.

Our country roads are pretty dark at night, so you can see when someone is coming quite a ways ahead even on a hilly, twisty road like the one between town and our place. Margie popped over a hill before a curve ahead and knew there was a car heading down the road, until she came around the corner and Frank, or JD, was hard at work in the wheat rows right next to the road, so it looked like she was about to be eaten by ol' Frank as she rounded the corner on the hill at first glance. When she got home, the first words out of her mouth were a direct quote from the movie... "There's Frank!", I immediately knew she had an encounter in the dark with a combine, and then I got the rest of the story.

Now the other part of my blog today is about my efforts to learn a foreign language. You likely didn't know it, but there are different languages used on the Internet to show the pages your computer displays. To see what this language looks like, place your cursor over this text, click the right mouse button, and then left click on "view source". Another window will open up with the computer language that is used to display this McCook Gazette web page. Yep... it takes all that to show this page!

The basic language of the Internet is HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), but there have been languages developed to work with HTML to enhance how pages are displayed. Javascript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the most commonly used right now. When I started my web site 7 years ago, I worked with strict HTML and the results are pretty good I think... http://www.rv-camping.org, but the new languages are a lot more flexible, as well as faster loading so I'm trying to teach myself CSS. Not an easy task when I don't have an instructor and my efforts are all trial and error... mostly error so far.

Computers have changed my life for sure, probably yours, and will continue to do so I'm certain. While searching for a picture of Frank, I stumbled on the following YouTube video and got to thinking there are folks with a lot of spare time on their hands to develop a computer program that shows this stuff, but I suppose farmers miss their fields in the middle of winter enough to work this type of computer simulation???

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Brian!! NICE POST!! the simtractor is pretty cool

-- Posted by doodle bug on Sat, Jul 11, 2009, at 1:23 PM

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