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Eggs And More

Posted Friday, April 10, 2009, at 9:30 AM

What's Important?
What's good about Friday? Most folks seem to look forward to the weekend, and Friday is considered the end of the work week for most with only one more day to get through... unless of course you are a farmer where some work needs done everyday it seems. For most city folk, the weekend often includes recreation of all kinds, home improvement projects, and rest and relaxation from the previous weeks endeavors.

On this Friday however, the Christian world remembers the day long ago that was filled with pain and suffering that none of us could bear. A couple thousand years ago, Jesus Christ died a horrific death on the cross, but the GREAT story behind His death is the eternal life promised to those that believe in Him.

It's my wish and my prayer for all this Easter that you let God's love into your heart, and let Him guide you in all you do and say. In Jesus name and glory... Amen

Have a happy and blessed Easter everyone!

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Brian - Thanks for your comments.

When I stated blogging, I made a promise to myself to be honest about my heartfelt convictions. To be true to principles I believe in.

Since I was, and still am, new to the wonderful world of blogging, I had allot to learn. I have had to apologize for harsh comments to Michael Hendricks, and he in turn passed the olive branch back to me. I believe we agreed to combat fiercely in the arena of ideals, even passionately, but not to engage in hate or denigration.

I confess that I don't like you very much. I thought you took cheap shots at me, and misstated my opinions, however, you and I claim to be followers of Christ. I also realize that I can be mouthy, hot-headed and stubborn.

I can tell you really don't like politics very much. I can see that you don't like the arguing and fighting that goes on between the left and right. I sense that you want all of us to come together in a spirit of camaraderie and the greater good.

So, I repent of my animosity towards you. As Christians we have certain responsibilities to each other, do we not?

I don't suppose we'll ever be fishin' buddies, but we are brothers, are we not?

I really am not looking to have you read my stuff again, because I will probably make you mad again, especially since I contend that Christians, and their lack of action has let the enemies of liberty take control of our country.

Having said that, if you and I bicker, and make harsh and unloving comments to each other, then we fail to represent Christ in the way that we should. Can we agree on that?

Sincerely, I wish the best for you, and your family. Whenever I blog, I will TRY to not "rant" as you say, and I will do my best to act in love. I will not back away from what I beleive to be the truth, nor back away from any fight, and I would hope you do the same.

You said: "It is my wish and my prayer for all this Easter that you let God's love into your heart, and let Him guide you in all you do and say."

That is a good prayer fellow Christian, and I thank you for it.

Happy Easter Brain.

-- Posted by sameldridge on Sun, Apr 12, 2009, at 1:54 PM

To you and yours, and all that be, I, also, wish to offer the Blessings of God on any who will turn to Jesus, and become family. The price of your redemption has been paid in full. All we have to do is claim the payment, repent our sinful mortal life, and accept an Eternity as members of Gods Holy Family.

Being one of greedy attitude, and being, I desire all the brothers and sisters I can find in Jesus.

Christian? I celebrate the Passion with you.

Non-christian? I celebratge the passion for you.

In our Messiah, Jesus, His Shalom (Peace), and Redemption. Arley Steinhour (In His Service)

-- Posted by Navyblue on Fri, Apr 10, 2009, at 9:03 PM

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