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Slip Slidin'

Posted Monday, December 22, 2008, at 9:38 AM

Anybody else think the driver of this mini van screwed up?
We've had just a couple three inches of snow at our place this winter season so far. That's not to say that we haven't shoveled snow as we have cleared the sidewalk to keep icy spots down where we walk at least. The snow here sure seems a lot different than snow we got in Denver. For one thing, the snow in Denver seems to melt off pretty fast most of the time, while here it hasn't melted any yet.

This was brought to mind yesterday as we headed to church. We're 4 miles north of town, and our gravel road was in what I'd call good condition considering the snow we've had. There was a good path with gravel showing all the way to town. When we got to town, it was a different story.

Town streets here were almost like glass. No salt, sand, or anything else, just slick. Now it doesn't bother me a bit driving on snow packed and icy roads, but I got to thinking that there are a few places that could probably use some sand at least. I noted several places at intersections where someone had slid into the curb, and remembered how bad drivers were in Denver on the slick roads. It was as if they totally forgot that when the road is white, it probably means it's slippery. Of course last winter I noted several places where folks had slid off the country roads around here so I guess it's pretty common to forget to be careful when road conditions change.

How often we hear about drivers hitting black ice and losing control of their vehicle, but when it's obviously icy it just doesn't make sense to try and keep up with the speed limit. As I've said before, the speed limit is only a suggestion for many folks, with most driving above the posted limit when conditions are good. Trying to go the posted limit when conditions are bad is just a really bad idea too. It's a shame folks can't slow down just a bit when the road is slick, but trying to make up time because we didn't leave early enough to get to our destination is the norm instead of the exception. Few people think of the possibility of crashing because of their own poor planning as they rocket down the road no matter what condition the road surface, and horrible accidents can be the result.

This Christmas week, please think of others as you slide behind the wheel for your last minute shopping or that trip to Grandma's house. If you think someone will be upset by your being late, consider how they will feel if you are in the hospital or worse trying to make up lost time. Please slow down and live to see another year as the life you save may belong to you and yours... or me and mine.

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Dadnab it all.

Grandpappy was right in 1903, when he said horses and mules were the only safe way to move about.

Although in 1958 skie worked real well in McCook.

-- Posted by bigsurmac on Mon, Dec 22, 2008, at 3:03 PM

Bigsurmac, Your Grandpappy was not driving 150 of them-thar horses either. ha

Merry Christ-mass and safe Holy-days, to one and all. Arley Steinhour

-- Posted by Navyblue on Tue, Dec 23, 2008, at 12:47 PM

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