Posted Tuesday, November 4, 2008, at 11:57 PM
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  • Yes, congrats to Barack. He's not my choice, but he basically did something no one thought was possible and he's an inspiration to all Americans regardless of color.

    I am ready to support, mostly because John McCain inspired me to during his speech. I thought his speech was very inspirational and patriotic. John McCain, not that I walways agree with him, is a true patriot and a one of a kind hero who has served his country with great honor and sacrifice.

    I think Barack said it very well that John McCain has served this country and sacrificed more than most of us will ever truely be able to understand or maybe even appreciate. I'm very happy that Barack pointed that out. I believe that these two men have a lot of respect for each other and look forward to them working together.

    I really don't expect the super majority to work well for the country and really don't believe all the liberals thelling us that there will be less partisanship in Washington with them at the helm. I still believe that this is a lot of political posturing and a lot of people bit on it as I figured they would.

    I hope Barack is sincere when he said he'll earn my vote eventually. To do so he's going to have to disappoint a lot of people, particularly the type of people that were caught on camera yesterday crying with joy because they'll no longer have to work to put gas in their car and pay their mortgage.

    He's going to have to move a little more to the center and right if he wants to keep Dems in power. I can guarantee that if he doesn't there will most certainly be a Republican takeover just like 1994 while Clinton was in office.

    I am ready to support our new president by taking the high road that virtually no Gore or Kerry supporter ever took for George Bush. They have effectively divided this country by claiming him an illigitamet president or "not my president" and just overall given a good man a bad rap. I'll not do this or allow my kids to think this way.

    He has won decidely and he deserves our support and prayers for the hard tasks that are ahead. I urge all the McCain supporters out there to support Barack and try to bring unity to this great country. We have to hold our ground on our conservative values, but not is the same way our liberal conterparts have for the last 8 years. Nothing has made this country more sour than the vicious partisanship that has developed.

    A few things though I'd like to point out about change I'm not seeing yet.

    Barack rasised and spent more money on the campaign than anyone in history...not so good for reducing spending. Sound like any other politician.

    For someone who is against those who leave a large carbon footpring he sure left a footptint with his private 747 flying all over the world on his campaign. Sound like cany other politician...do as I say not as I do.

    Constant flip-flops through the campaign on who's gonna get taxed and who isn't, and other issues...sounds like a normall politician trying to to "throw enough darts to get one that sticks"

    Regardless of all the normal political practices he's portrayed, he may still be different enough to shake things up a bit.

    I fell bad for George Bush. He is good man who led us through one of the toughest times in our history. He has gotten a bad rap on things that were out of his control. I'm sure if the same happens to Barack that he'll have a different kind of support. I'm sure a lot of the votes he recieved were votes against Bush. I fear a lot of people felt that it was a vote against Bush even though Bush had nothing to do with McCain or his compaign. I hope we can all send George Bush sent out with the respect he deserves for taking us through a tough time and maintaining the dignity and respect that the presidency holds.

    Whatever you think of him, I think he served us well in the circumstances of the 21st Century and the new types of challenges and treats to our freedom we face.

    After reading an interview in Men's Journal with Colfer Black it is easy to see why Bush was eager to carry out offensive on possible threats. They were warned by the counterterrorism dept. in July of 2001 that there was a very serious and eminent attack on US soil. No one at that time mew how serious to take this new department. There was no precident, we didn't think that offensively we could go after these people.

    In hindsight things look differently. Then he gets info, that was probably wrong looking back on it. Regardless, he had info that looked like the same situaltion as before when we didn't do anything, this type he was trying to protect our country as he should have.

    We can do a lot of armchair QBing, but it cames down to the fact that we as people never have to make decisions as tough as presidents do. We should take the same care in our judgement of these men as they do in their decisions for our safety and freedom.

    Again, congratulations to Barack Obama.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Wed, Nov 5, 2008, at 11:02 AM
  • Such vitriol.

    Obama did not invent jet travel in elections.

    Reagan did it with his first run for governor in California. Traveled with two full coach buses, with a private jet meeting them as needed to whisk him to speak before rich folks in L.A. and Frisco.

    None of the candidates used Boeing 747s, most fly leased 727s or 737s.

    The incredible thing about Obama's $700-Million.

    He started stony broke, with no organization, while Hillary had $100-Million in the bank and the Clinton organization developed over 20 years.

    Bill Clinton admits, "Obama started with absolutely no resources but himself and kicked the best national organization anyone had seen until he came along."

    Obama's support came from average people donating about $80 average from nearly 4-Million contributors. He simply used the internet and computer technology bettern than anyone. Politicians and professors will be studying his campaign for the next century or more. McCain had at laeast 79 D.C. lobbyists working in his campaign. Obama rejected special interest and PAC money and raised more money than anyone in history. McCain complained constantly about Obama backing out of his committment to public financing. McCain knew within hours after Obama learned his team had raised far too much money for him to accept public money. If he had accepted the public funds, he could have been charged with a felony. McCain knew this, but continued attacking on the issue.

    Yet Obama never raised the issue of the morality of McCain delivering divorce papers to his first wife in her hospital cancer wing bed. This after several months of cohabitating with Cindy Henseley in her luxurious Hawaii home.

    Have faith in the U.S and the full governmental system. We have the best system in the world if it works for everyone.

    The real tragedy again this year lies in all the totally dishonest, attack and smear attacks.

    As a Born Republican, I have grown to be humiliated by my party's tactics during the past 40 years.

    The slick print material produced by the RNC, Republican Governors, GOP Senate Committee, etc.

    was sickening. Obviously a lot of other folks felt the same as I did about those rotten tactics.

    -- Posted by bigsurmac on Wed, Nov 5, 2008, at 7:02 PM
  • Obama wasn't just elected, he was media elected. With the likes of CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN swooning over him and kissing his butt every minute of every day, it's no wonder he won.


    -- Posted by Jim Foster on Wed, Nov 5, 2008, at 7:50 PM
  • Vitriol...did you mean you or me? Cuz I couldn't tell the difference other than the red or blue distiction.

    You're right bigsurmac, it wasn't a 747. I was wrong and looked it up and it was actually a refurbished Boeing 757-200ER. So I guess we're both wrong, but it sure wasn't a 727.

    My point is that, as great of a man as Barack seems to be, I hope he's not going to let us all down by being a typical "do as I say, not as I do" politician.

    If you're telling me I can't leave a carbon foot print or mandate how big of one I can leave...you had better be doing it while on foot or riding a bike my friend.

    I realize to run for president you have to move around. I'm not stupid. But if these guys are going to tell the American public they have to stop driving and using fuel to reduce the "made up" global warming and then start taxing us for it, they better stop flying all over the place and start using some modern technolgy to communicate long distances without flying around.

    I have to burn a lot of fuel with my own money to make a living. A hell of a lot more than somebody who just shows up to an office to work everyday. To start taxing me more isn't very fair because everybody will tell you they want to save the planet until they get the bill for it.

    I'd have to raise my prices, people get mad, quit me. Then where am I?

    All I'm saying is that I just want ONE politician in Washington to practice what they preach. Dont's give into corruption. Don't take your position for granted. Don't lie to us. We just want integrity and character to lead us. And if they are unable or unwilling to do something, by God don't ask us or require us to do it. That's not fair.

    And don't even go there about the Obama never doing anything suspect. Special interest money, who doesn't get that. If you truely believe that he didn't pocket any of that kind money you are stone cold blind. And how about sending a barbarian horde of lawyers to Alaska to see what they could dig up on Sarah Palin and her family.

    This is why it's hard to get along with you people. You NEVER do anything wrong. Did I ever mention that the repulicans have done no wrong? NO. All politicians lie as far as I'm concerned.

    I'm just hoping Barack can overcome that. I'd just as soon be labled a conservative rather than a republican or a democrat, because I don't believe in all this party loyalty BS. I'd rather see a guy jsut want to serve his country and do a **** good job of it and not lie his A_ _ off everytime he opens his mouth.

    But having you out here telling me he's a **** saint and has never done any wrong whatsoever is rediculous and making this transition and fact that I'm going to support Barack very difficult.

    Now it's time for you to get real and stop insulting a very informed reader and avid political enthusiest with your "Kool-Aid" version what's going on in politics.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Wed, Nov 5, 2008, at 8:03 PM
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